Friday, February 18, 2011

Fort Wolters Remembered

Recollections of Flight School at Fort Wolters
Brian N. Bagnall

Where I Solo

I stumbled on this and I'm sure others who cycled through rotary wing school at Fort Wolters will enjoy reading it.  Bagnall was a commissioned officer; I was a WOC (Warrant Officer Candidate) fresh out of basic training. The people at Ft. Knox urged me to go to Benning OCS first, for the reasons the author states (get the harassment over with). But, oh no.  I thought the Army trying to gyp me out of flight school, and refused.  That's me landing on my final military check ride.  Don't ask.


At least the floors will be clean

Arrest Obama

An Inciting-To-Riot Too Far

This isn't the first time the Pretender president has thrown the constitution on its head, pitting himself against duly elected state authority. Kinston NC, and Arizona come immediately to mind.  Now, by inciting union members to riot, because state  government is trying to head off bankruptcy, the man has overstepped.  Like no other in our history.  And don't even think to use Eisenhower's use of troops to enforce civil rights law.  Unions have no God-given right to the public coffer. 

Beginning impeachment hearings, which should have begun about two-weeks after his inauguration, would take too long, and only exacerbate the situation. One possible solution: several states dispatch national guard militia to  Washington, to subdue and arrest the man.  Gasps aside, it's come to this in my view.  I think that's been his goal all along, dismantling our union, so let's have done with it. 

Obama - Inciting Riots

Orders state troopers to bring Dems to Capitol...
Dem Sen: We'll stay away for weeks...
WALKOUT: Milwaukee Schools closed; teachers call in 'sick'...
REPORT: Average city teacher salary tops $100,000...
DNC playing role in protests...
Jesse to the Rescue: Jackson rallies protesters...
'A real Martin Luther King moment'...
Union Fight Heats Up...
Republicans vow to cut spending in state capitols...
Protests Spread to Ohio...
'Coming To Minnesota'...
Idaho official target of threats over education reform plan...

Jackson E!

Jackson Prince Annonçant
je Real Prince Héritier - Chambre des Hucker
It's a Boy

Jackson- 8lbs-2oz

Jackson E.  (named for this guy) - Grandchild # 4, Grandson #2. 

He keeps living; We keep attacking

The Jimmy Carter Chronicles
Because some people deserve having their guts hated

  If you weren't entirely sure about whether to fear the collapse of Hosni Mubarak, be afraid now -- very, very afraid. Jimmy Carter's record on these things does not exactly inspire optimism.
Something Carter's Good For

The Court Ruled Obama Ineligible!

News Flash: Commies Hate Reagan

Chomsky calls Reagan a
 'quite miserable creature'

Further Proof Of RWR's Greatness

The Inhofe Ambush and Subsequent Rout

The Gold Standard
Inhofe Gold Standard
  In late January Hertsgaard explained his big scheme to “confront the climate cranks” in an article in The Nation.

“Our plan is to confront the climate cranks face to face, on camera, and call them to account for the dangers they have set in motion. We will highlight the ludicrousness of their antiscientific views, which alone should discredit them from further influence over US climate policies,” he wrote. -
Sen. Inhofe turns tables on global warming ambushers — and gets it on tape [VIDEO]

Yesterday Hertsgaard's posse "ambushed" Sen. James Inhofe.  You can read a transcript, and watch the video at Daily Caller.  Suffice to say that Hertsgaard's nickname is now "General Custer".  What Inhofe did is what nobody on the right ever does when the left insists on rehashing settled debate they've already lost.  That is, deferring to mountains of paper on the table that put the lie to the thing. 

Mark Hertsgaard (MH): Why does your party continue to deny what the National Academy of Sciences and virtually every scientific organization…

Sen. James Inhofe (JI): You know you ask the same question over and over again. Did you happen six days ago to be at the hearing at the House where I testified?

MH: I was not, sir.

JI: See I answered all those questions in detail. The science is mixed. We all know the science is mixed. The economy is not mixed because the economics are pretty well established.

MH: How is the science mixed when the National Academy of Sciences and every…

JI: We have reports all you have to do is go back and look,

Next, Inhofe cuts short another leftist tactic; framing the argument with false supposition.

A Woman from ACP, identified by Solve Climate News as Allie Carter, a recent Michigan State University graduate (AC): I don’t understand why my generation has to suffer because it sounds like you’re not liking what you are hearing from these scientists you’re cherry picking.

JI: So your generation — Now who are you with?

AC: I’m with the Alliance for Climate Protection and I am here speaking on behalf young people.

JI: …No you’re not!

AC: I absolutely am.

JI: I have twenty kids and grand kids. You want to see a picture of them? [pulls out pictures]. Okay that’s good.

Inhofe then proceeded to calmly explain that the United States cannot sink its economy to satisfy the unproven hypotheses of a mixed group of scientists and activists.

Thank you Professor Inhofe.