Saturday, March 19, 2011

We've all been there

The Common Denominator

When You Can't Tell Your Enemies Without a Program
Al-Qaeda commander calls for overthrow
of Gadaffy and introduction of Sharia Law

  Sheikh Abu Yahia said in his video address that after the fall of the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, it is now Gaddafi's turn, as rebel fighters there wage a nearly month-long campaign to oust him.
Hmmm.  What's the common denominator here?

Solar Power Grids

Green Brainiacs Have the Solution:
Solar Power Grids
Solar Power is the solution
  Imagine, for instance, a nation that got most of its power from rooftop solar panels knitted together in a vast distributed grid. It would take investment to get there – we’d have to divert money from other tasks, slowing some kinds of growth, because solar power is currently more expensive than coal power. We might not have constant access to unlimited power at every second of every day. In the end, though, you’d have not only less carbon in the atmosphere, but also a country far less failure-prone. - Where do these numpties come from?
via Side Lines which also features “No-fly zone” is now the Western intelligentsia euphemism for “declaration of war”.

Nice Dimples

Show everyone your dimples ....
Show us your dimples

My 3½ year-old granddaughter was in a dance contest today (for members of 7 dance schools). After her performance one of the judges said,

"You have such a lovely smile, why don't you show everyone your dimples?"

Dimples, nipples.  Sounds the same.

 (PS- she won first prize in her class).
(PPS - for her dancing!)
(PPPS Update - When I was a lad it was "Show us your pimple"

Today's P***K Teaser

Today's P***K Teaser

  In Katie’s defense, it’s probably pretty hard to remember what a penis looks like after she took that vow of celibacy five years ago. [Agent Bedhead]

Is there anything you can't do in a maidenform bra?

I dreamed I played Lady of Spain
in my Maidenform Bra.

Young Lions v. RINOS

Cal. State GOP convention: Blowup,
outgoing chair accused of "thuggery"

Because the old system has worked so danged well.

Young Lions v. RINOS
Young Lions v. RINOS
  Critics say that change proposed by Nehring would make it far more difficult for moderate candidates -- or even incumbents -- to get the endorsement of traditionally conservative party activists, while giving them undue power on endorsements. - [Full Wonderment]

California makes me laugh --  because I don't live there.

Obama Praises Brazilian Oil Industry While He Blocks Drilling Here at Home

Obama Praises Brazilian Oil Industry While He Blocks Drilling Here at Home

Bill Maher Asshattery

In a flash Maher has won!
... public unions, sharia law, anchor babies, blah-blah- the presidents eligibility .. and all the other non issues .... the GOP blah ..blah.

Do you have anything to add Mr. Schickelgruber?

What do you think Mr. Schickelgruber?
 Jawol, Ja! Die armen Juden und die Idioten und Gasen und Jammern ├╝ber Verfassungsgesetzgebung und die Zensur,  und all the other non issues

We've been regulated (neutered).

A U.S. _regulatory agency of your choice__ panel said Friday that removal of choose from list below or make your own from the U.S. market would benefit the public health.

Stuff Gummint Can Declare Illegal
Here's the story today, but there seems to be new applications every day (like yesterday's, that would make it illegal for 30 million Americans using Prozac and whiskey to own a firearm).  Between judges and unelected regulators,  you and I have zero say in what happens in DisUnited States.

Mommy got a wax job and all I got was the pelt

Mommy got a wax job
and all I got was the pelt

A Rabid Rat Story
  In a more impassioned plea, Biden criticized conservatives for their “orgy” of greed, which he claimed led to the recent economic downturn. [Biden Praises Union Protestors Keeping GOP ‘Barbarians From the Gate’]
Timmy's Rat Joe-Joe