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With Grampy and Grumpy Dunham
Stanley, herself, had the strangest mother — my immediate upcondo neighbor in Hawaii.

With a personality like Lee Emory — of Full Metal Jacket — it is impossible for me to overstate just how loud and raging she was with Barry every time I met the pair.

He NEVER said a peep.

Her rage was so incoherent that I could not make any sense of her anger. Perhaps Barry pulled some passive-aggressive on her head.

And, yes, I thought he was destined for Hollywood or politics. He was just so handsome and poised. His ultra-calm demeanor stood in absolute contrast to her rage.

That she was obviously his grand-mother — where were the parents?

Frank Marshall with someone (Ahem?)
Csimon: It is my firm belief that Frank is his biological father — Frank Marshall Davis, Black Communist ( card-carrying ) out of Chicago.

Stanley sent Barry to be raised as a teen by his FATHER.

Hence, the endless hours of ‘Frank’ discussing politics with what would otherwise be just a neighborhood kid.

But Frank never did such with anyone else.

And, of course, Frank wrote of having a three-way with his White wife and a White minor. NOT a coincidence.
[Comments to Who was Obama’s mother? by Neo-Neocon]

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Earth Day 2011 Activities
Gaia Finds the Root of Happiness

OMG, what a root!

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Sexism is bad, h'mkay?

Sexism is bad, h'mkay?
Go to any good Progressive website and you will find out that Conservatives are so ate up with sexism that they have actually declared a "war on women". (Seriously. I'm not kidding. Apparently you Conservatives only vote for us because you hate us or something. Anyhow...)

I was gonna rip this guy a new one, but [...] Hey, Eric? You just got your ass kicked by a girl.

Sexism is bad, h'mkay?

Can't Girls Just All Get Along?