Saturday, May 28, 2011


VLT (Very Large Telescope) HD Timelapse Footage

You don't have to hold a PhD in Quattro Skyology like me to appreciate stuff like this.  And what about  Aussie student finds universe's 'missing mass?'   That's like when Bart Simpson  discovered a  comet.  Lot of gritting of teeth in academia today.

Mamet Defects

Quoting Mamet
Before he moved to California, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet had never talked to a self-described conservative. 'I realized I lived in this bubble.'
  • Diversity is a "commodity."
  • College is nothing more than "Socialist Camp."
  • Liberalism is like roulette addiction.
  • Toyota's Prius is an "anti-chick magnet" and "ugly as a dogcatcher's butt."
  • Hollywood liberals embraced Communism "because they hadn't invented Pilates yet."
  • Oh, and good radio isn't NPR ("National Palestinian Radio") but Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt.
This is pretty delicious.  It really is impossible that a group as large as "Hollywood En Masse" could be so uniformly stupid re Liberal fraud. Or, maybe not?  Anyway, David Mamet is not Mel Gibson or Stephen Baldwin; conservative leaning actors who can be destroyed by gossip sheets, and uninvited to necessary soirees.  He's not Jerry Bruckheimer or David Zucker, conservative directors who can be dismissed as unserious, and who make films catering to lowbrows.  Mamet is Broadway.  Mamet is Pulitzer Prize.  Mamet has thereness.  To the extent then, that one person can give cover to others wishing to escape the Big Lie, Mamet's defection could have significance. Anyway, here's a bit more  fun from the Wall Street Journal's  David Mamet's Coming Out Party .
On the left, Mr. Mamet is accused of having ulterior motives for his political shift. The New Republic's Jonathan Chait writes that the story is a familiar, Zionist one: "An increasingly religious Jew with strong loyalty to Israel, he became aware of a tension between the illiberal nationalism of his right-wing views on the Middle East and the liberalism of his views on everything else, and resolved the tension by abandoning the latter." Mr. Mamet calls this a "crock of s—."

The Slate website has run with the "Rich Person Discovers He Is a Republican" narrative. And then there's the jiu-jitsu theory offered by a film blogger: "Mamet's escalating interest in martial arts—traditionally the domain of right-wing nutjobs like Chuck Norris—has pointed toward this new stance for some time." Obviously.

David Mamet's Coming Out Party

Food Stamp Lobster

Poor thang. Must have been humiliating.

Food Stamp Lobster

Cuzzin Ricky

Ring tones

I haven't been picking on the Obamas enough lately, so there's this:

Michelle's No Wedding Ringo

Tom Mann  sent me this picture of Michelle's hands with a "wedding ring?" caption.  I never much thought about it, but what the hell, there is absolutely nothing about the First Couple that's not suspicious, and that goes for details of their  wedding.

  •  Do they at least have a wedding certificate? 
Well, yes, if a document signed by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is accepted at face value.  And that surprised me.  That Wright performed the ceremony. 

You may remember that after being told by a client of his street organizing bidness, that he could have no cred with the Black community unless he belonged to a Christan church; he went looking for one.  He found, and punched his ticket with "Goddamn America" Wright.  I'm wondering if Mrs. Obama wasn't also the product of the need to "fit in?"  Anyway, it's seems apparent that Barry didn't give Michelle a ring, or nothing she felt was worthy.  She does like jewelry though.  

Now you can't blame me for being suspicious of all things Obama.  I mean, take Michelle's revoked law license.  It has never elicited the least bit of interest by anyone but us "conspiratists."  See what I'm saying? In for a penny, in for a pound then.  Here's how I think the Obamas got married.

On graduation day from KGB school, Barry was given a diploma and an assignment to insinuate himself into radical US politics.  Among the folio of instruction, false documents, school records, etc., was a picture. Of a certain embedded agent; real name "Svetblackna Lenin." Who would pose as his wife.  Whadda ya think? 
Michelle's No Wedding Ringo
Svetblackna Lenin

Bugged by Barnacle Bam the Poseur

U.S. to propose mandatory vehicle 'black boxes'
By Dept. of Transportation Fiat

They need records of your every move to help investigators determine the cause of accidents that somehow occur despite ubiquitous traffic cams that reduce accidents.

Barnacle Bam the Poseur
Barnacle Bam the Poseur

"Who's that knocking at my door? Who's that knocking at my door?
Who's that knocking at my door?" said the fair Young Maiden.

"Just open the door, you pox-ridden whore!" said Barnacle Bam the Poseur
"What's that thing you're holding there? What's that thing you're holding there?
What's that thing you're holding there?" said the fair Young Maiden.
"It's only a bug to slip under your rug!"  said Barnacle Bam the Poseur
"What is the bug for? What is the bug for?
What is the bug for?"
said the fair Young Maiden.

"Just spread open your legs and let it tickle your eggs!"  said Barnacle Bam the Poseur

"What if I remove it when you leave? What if I remove it when you leave?
What if I remove it when you leave?" said the fair Young Maiden.

"I'll just open your crack and shove it right back! said Barnacle Bam the Poseur

"And if you do it again you'll go to the pen."

Double Duty Thrill

Today's Techno Thrill

Double Duty

Killing Witches

Metaphorically speaking [ahem]...
Why we have to drown them!
  ABC’s Diane Sawyer on Monday night presumed everyone lives inside her media bubble obsessed with “global warming” as she set out to blame the Joplin, Missouri tornadoes on it  (MRC)

Dunking Diane Sawyer

Using her own methodology, here are two time tested ways to help us decide whether Diane Sawyer is possessed by Al Gore, and is blaming climate change on man's behavior.
  1. Make her recite the Lord's Prayer.  If she can't, burn her straightaway.
  2. Bind her in chains, and throw her off a cliff into the sea.  If her body sinks, she's an anthropogenic global  warmist. Haul her bloated corpse up and burn it.
Frankly, Sawyer has a rap sheet longer than the list of impeachable Obama offenses, so I say burn her and be done with it.  Now, as somewhat of an aside, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 

In my yoot, a lovely girl I was courting cut bait by telling me, "If you didn't smoke, drink, cuss, and want Kennedy to beat Nixon, you'd be the perfect man."  Last week Christie withdrew New Jersey from  a regional cap and trade program.  And,  last November had this to say.

  "Mankind, is it responsible for global warming? Well I'll tell you something. I have seen evidence on both sides of it. I'm skeptical—I'm skeptical."

But ... was Christie quibbling to save his base, in the event he does run for president?  Or, is this the the real Christie?

In his announcement, Christie at least acknowledged the existence of man-made global warming, citing "undeniable data" from "over 90 percent of the world's scientists,"

I'm afraid I smell liquor on Christie's breath, and smoke on his clothing. In this matter, then, I'll let Dakota Voice speak for me, and prolly many others

I received some very disappointing news yesterday. It has to do with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whom I’ve admired for some time.

Since he became governor, he has been a straight-talking, no-nonsense powerhouse for common sense and fiscal responsibility. He loves to tweak the unions, and isn’t afraid to go up against the powerful teacher’s unions.

There has been some talk of Christie for president in 2012, and he has a lot going for him. In many ways, we need his kind of dogged pursuit of fiscal responsibility and what’s right.

But I’ve long known that there are some areas where Christie and I don’t see eye to eye, where he isn’t the solid conservative I’d like him to be. I’ve been hearing for a while that he supported a state-level cap and trade global warming tax, and though I never got around to doing the homework on it, it came out today that this was indeed true.

He has now backed off from this cap and trade global warming tax scheme, but at the same time he has expressed a belief in the asinine proposition of anthropogenic global warming. Backing off this waste of time and money program is a good move, but based on Christie’s comments, he still has faith in a problem that doesn’t exist, and doesn’t seem to have learned the lesson he needs to about gouging the taxpayers to pay homage to unscientific fear mongering. [Dakota Voice continued]
Sigh. Splash.