Thursday, June 16, 2011


She's got a leg-up on me

Wood Rot

ROT not associated with the Administration

Went to do some painting and noticed a little damage.  Next thing I'd Sawzalled and chiseled 12' of moisture rotted door sill, down to white meat.  What I'd like to do is replace it with concrete.  My question is this, are there any new wood applications I can put on the wood so I can concrete over it?  I think I got all the rot, but was thinking of dousing it with wood petrifier first.  Suggestions welcome. $1200 so I can hire it out also welcome.

State of the Union Right Now

Obama Cam

Let's start with setting a clear and nonnegotiable goal. Free Broadband.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski
Let's start with setting a clear and nonnegotiable goal

Non Negotiable Goal
Step 1
Every Child Should Be Connected to Broadband Declare it a Civil Right (you will need and are entitled to have these services available to you) Solve it by Redistributing Wealth
Free Broad Band
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There is nothing I can add to what you're already thinking.  By the bye, if successful, funding internet with taxpayer money gives government defacto dominion over it.  Repeat after me— the only good communist is a ... .  Jesus H. Christ!   Say it, don't write it.They're out there, and they're in charge right now. Be stealthy, not like me.

Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces

TODAY: A Vegan's Day In The Sun!
Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces

Thassa summna shitty meatball

O my goodness. Can't think of a decent comment.

Love Lies Bleeding; The Good Girl


Here's two movies I watched last week , and they're still on my mind. What better recommendation?   The first one—  I didn't know the name,  having stumbled across it on cable.  The only cast member I'd seen before was Christian Slater, and I couldn't remember his name.  Had to Google the plot line to find it— 

Love Lies Bleeding (2008) R

Struggling Iraq war veteran Duke (Brian Geraghty) thinks his luck has finally turned when he stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad and finds a duffel filled with cash. He and his girlfriend, Amber (Jenna Dewan), hit the road, unaware that a dirty DEA agent (Christian Slater) has his eye on the money. The young couple must outwit the corrupt and crazed agent, who'll stop at nothing to get them.

I see it's an instant-play on NetFlix,  which is good because MoSup will like it.  This is fast paced with good acting all around.  I like Slater anyway, and he is one helluva good bad-guy in this one. 

Once I started the The Good Girl, I realized I'd seen it years before, but kept watching.  Both times I was struck by how very good an actress Jennifer Aniston is—  I mean very good.  The character actors in this film are a carnival unto themselves.  John C. Reilly wasn't yet on my radar back then;  that happened  after seeing his breakout role in  Chicago, also released in 2002.  Zooey Deschanel as Cheryl the Retail Rodeo (early K-Mart)  girl promoted to store cosmetician is worth the price of admission.

Cheryl: Sit right down here, ma'am. We're going to make you pretty. Now how do you like your hair?
Big Haired Woman: What? Are you going to do my hair?
Cheryl: No, I just need to know if that's your usual way of wearing it, all big and high. If it is, I'll just put more makeup on your chin to offset it. You're going to want to take a whole bottle of this home with you. It's got quite a lot of ingredients in it, so you're getting a good deal. It's got ginkgo extract in it. Do you know what that is?
Big Haired Woman: No.
Cheryl: It's extract of the ginkgo, and it makes your skin real slick so that any liquid will roll right off you, be it water, or lemon juice, or urine. I'll put it in a bag for you.

  Amazingly, it will keep you on edge despite nominally qualifying  as a chick-flick.

The Good Girl(2002) R

Justine (Jennifer Aniston) longs to start a family, but she and her loving husband (John C. Reilly) seem unable to conceive. So when the frustrated "good girl" meets a creative, passionate young man named Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal), she gladly escapes into a new world of emotional and sexual awakening. It doesn't take long, however, for Holden's passion to bloom into a poisonous obsession, putting Justine's very world at risk.

Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph

This is the kind of exercise that appeals to me, and every time I see examples of it I plan on doing some of my own but then I forget.

Romney applauded by Al Gore on climate change

Romney applauded by Al Gore on climate change
The long parade of lefties endorsing Mitt Romney just added another clown. The DC's Alex Pappas reports: "Liberal Al Gore took to his blog Wednesday to applaud the former Massachusetts governor for his stance on climate change. '

Good for Mitt Romney... While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party.' Gore went on to reference a Washington Post story that said Romney during a town hall meeting last week 'stuck to the position he has held for many years ” that he believes the world is getting warmer and that humans are contributing to it.'"

This endorsement is just in time for a NASA report that the world may be getting cooler and humans won't be able to do anything about it, because of sunspot activity. Whoops, sorry to bring science into it!

  As much as Democrats don't want Sarah Palin, they do want Mitt "McCain" Romney.  Whatever that means. Ahem.

Verizon Geezer Cell

I got it at  the "Verizon Cell Phone for Seniors store"

Geezer Cell Phone


Who could guess?

Death Panels in Action
Thousands of Elderly Breast Cancer Patients Denied Surgury [sic]in Britain

Elderly women are being denied life-saving breast cancer surgery that is routinely given to younger patients, alarming research reveals.

I'm shocked, shocked to find that death squads operate in socilized health care!
Some doctors look at a patient’s age in their notes – and decide on a treatment plan before they have even met them, experts warn.

Their study, which provides evidence of ageism in the Health Service, found that 90 per cent of breast cancer patients aged 30-50 are offered surgery to remove tumours, compared with 70 per cent of those in their seventies.

Even women in their 50s are less likely than younger patients to have an operation. [continued]

Weiner Holder

Finally Got Around To It

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Rat's Ass

A sparrow dammt

Father and son are sitting on a bench. Suddenly a sparrow lands across them.



they just keep coming

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Why we can't have nice things


i Phone users know about services like Hound where you can play, or even hum a few bars of a song and have it identified. Now TinEye Reverse Image Search (also available as a Firefox plug-in) will find all iterations of most any picture.  This example, using my "They Auction Obama" photochop (below)  finds the original art.  It's pretty neat, but how long before copyright lawyers  like US Copyright Group launch extortion schemes?  And speaking of extortion, California is a plug-in for Maryland Democrats, so  passage of  legislation (waiting for Jerry Brown's signature) that forces Amazon to collect taxes for them is pretty much assured here.  It's why we can't have nice things.