Friday, June 17, 2011

A Brand-Name Conservative Will Clobber Obama

Don't Doubt Me!
A Brand-Name Conservative Will Clobber Obama

RASMUSSEN: Republican primary voters like Sarah Palin -- they like her feistiness, they like her position on issues, they even like the kind of enemies she's made -- but a lot of Republicans don't want to see her become their presidential nominee. Some because they think she's unelectable, some for other reasons. Her power in the party, though, makes her a very likely candidate to be a king- or queen-maker this year. In fact, it's hard to see any Republican winning the nomination unless Sarah Palin is at least somewhat is it supportive.

RUSH: Anybody hear a disconnect in that? We all love Rasmussen. [but]  here's Rasmussen saying 45% of Republican primary voters don't want her to be the candidate. They love her, they think she's great -- and she can probably be a king- or queen-maker, and it's hard to see any Republican winning a nomination unless Palin is somewhat supportive, but we don't want her to be the nominee.

The Conservative
Now, I need somebody to explain that to me. On the one hand here's somebody that we like and we admire. We like her feistiness, her position on the issues; we like the kind of enemies that she's made, but I don't want to see her as the nominee. But we realize that she's got the power to be a kingmaker or queen-maker, and it's hard to see any Republican winning the nomination unless she is somewhat supportive. But we don't want her to be the nominee. Now, if you don't want her to be the nominee for -- What? She can't win, she's unelectable, she's embarrassing, whatever it is -- then why would you want her anywhere near a campaign advocating for anybody else?

If Sarah Palin, as a candidate, can't win, how in the world does she help anybody else by supporting them? Why wouldn't she drag them down? This is what I don't understand about this -- and this is open-ended question. I am not disputing Rasmussen. Because, as you know, I'm not a professional pollster, but I don't get the disconnect. To me it is a disconnect. On the one hand: Love her be, love her feistiness, love the way this woman takes on the media -- we love her issues -- but don't want her to be the nominee. But, boy, whatever the nominee is can't get anywhere unless she supports 'em. Why, seems to me that if she's so toxic that she couldn't be the nominee, that she would drag down anybody else that she tended to support or get behind. Fascinating.

Oh, one more. Rasmussen continued. He had one more thing to say about that.

RASMUSSEN: The good news for Republicans is just about all the Republican primary voters say no matter who wins the nomination they're gonna back that nominee against Barack Obama.

RUSH: Right. So, again, Elmer Fudd would win the backing of the GOP. Republicans would vote for Elmer Fudd, doesn't matter. Whoever the Republicans nominate will probably be preferable to Obama -- and that, at the end of the day, is true. I would hate to squander the opportunity here to have a robust conservative as the nominee, and we will not rest 'til that quest is satisfied.


Lycopene and Wodka

Today's Premium Content
Hunts Sauce
Hunts tomato sauce is included in every list I make of items I need 1000 cases of before settling on my deserted, and uncharted, island in the Pacific.  It's got so when I make spaghetti sauce anymore, the only thing I add to it is garlic, fresh mushrooms, oregano, and a few other spices.  Maybe some red wine if I'm feeling adventurous, but even that is gilding the lily.  We buy the stuff by the case.

Recently I've taken to drinking a cold glass of it, with a squirt of lemon juice  in the morning.  Nothing better for tomorrow morning's timber than several shots of lycopene today. It's mahvelous.  Mo Sup says it tastes like V-8 Juice (spicy).  But here's the pay-off I promised.  How many times do you wake up in the morning and must have a Bloody Mary to calm the demons?  And there's no tomato juice?  Hmmmm?

I've led you to water, the rest is up to you.  You're welcome.

PS - If  the Hunt's Sauce people see this, and wonder why their sales are up - how about a free truck load?

PPS - I say Ta-mah-toe now so people think I attended Ahn-dough-vah.

Mannequin my Dreams

Through th  Looking through the glass


Shop caters to the mega-implanted, so prolly California.

Mrs Hulk

Yes she would like one, but were the hell are they?

Mrs. Hulk Tee

There's plenty of "Mrs. Hulk" Tee-shirts out there, but I can't find this one.


Stuxnet Deconstructed Shows One Scary Virus

Ready to shake in your shoes? This video breaking down how Stuxnet works and where it could go next is flat out frightening. (And if this wasn't a government program, I'll eat a centrifuge.) My guess is Israel.

cuzzin ricky

Sarah the Smarty

Sarah the Smarty

Via E-Mail
Sarah Palin's critics routinely mock her intellect, so when the state of Alaska released 24,000 emails she wrote while serving as governor, "AOL Weird News," an offbeat component of, had a representative sample analyzed to see how well she wrote. They expected the results to confirm their anti-Palin bias, but they were in for a surprise.

Far from being an illiterate bumpkin, the standard Flesch-Kincaid readability test showed that Ms. Palin's emails were written at an 8.5 grade level. This was "an excellent score for a chief executive," AOLWN reported. To put some perspective on this number, Martin Luther King's August 1963 "I Have a Dream" speech -- much more heavily edited than Ms. Palin's emails -- ranked at 8.8 on the same scale, while Lincoln's Gettysburg Address came in at 9.1.

A study by Smart Politics on the readability ratings of recent State of the Union addresses also showed Ms. Palin in good company. President George H.W. Bush's average SOTU score was 8.6. Bill Clinton came in at 9.5. Ronald Reagan, who like Ms. Palin was heavily criticized by liberals and regarded as a doddering old fool, logged an impressive 10.3 rating. And George W. Bush, who earned even more left-wing contempt than Mr. Reagan, if that's possible, edged the Great Communicator with a10.4 ranking.

Then there is President Obama, heralded as the smartest president and the most gifted orator in living memory, but whose 2008 "Yes we can!" victory speech came in at a comparatively anemic Flesch-Kincaid  rating of 7.4. Some numbers just speak for themselves.  - Jim Robbins

Only after his diaries were published, showing a depth of intellect at odds with the left-media's characterization of him, did their  "amiable dunce" patter abate.  Despite George W's similar treatment by the press, his IQ  was higher than both John Kerry or Al Gore.  Now it's Sarah's turn in the Democrat barrel, so this will make a handy bitch-slapper. 

I received this unsolicited by E-mail.  Most likely sent to WaTimes subscribers.  There is a Robbins Report website, but it doesn't have the same content,

Via E-Mail

This great SNL sketch is closer to the truth than many might want to believe. (via Secret Projects)

Vancouver Riot Violent Sex

The only Vancouver riot photo you need

Looking Low

You care! You really, really care!

Via Drudge: County-Shuts-Down-Kids-Lemonade-Stand-500-Fine


Leave the fuck now.

It's time.

You have nothing in common with these people and its best to let them slide into hell and quit trying to slow it down. Move any where that you could hear the words, "If you didn't want grits, why'd you order breakfast?"  Of course, this eliminates Atlanta and Florida.

Pat (One Man) ... .

Because ... .  Sigh.

Say "O"

Close your eyes and say Obama.
No, trust me.

Say Obama

Tracking the spread of cancer

Obama Cam
Tracking the damage

Obama Cam

Bustin' It

The Pull-Out Method

The Pull-Out-Myth


Plunbing the depths of depravity

Deep Depth

Lady Bah Gah!

I was disappointed Weiner resigned. I wanted him to stand for reelection next year.  Oh, he'da  been reelected, which is why so many of his constituents were anxious to see him go.  So they wouldn't be forced to consider a Republican challenge.   I wanted that; his reelection.  I wanted the people of New York— no America!—   left no longer able  to dissimulate the depth of their  political depravity.  And we're talking deep depth.

Barbara Walters plumbs new depths of dumbness --
It's not nice to pick on a dotty old lady with a head full of bad ideas, but she keeps pouring them out on national TV. Baba Wawa is really worried about what's going to happen to that poor, misunderstood Anthony Weiner and his wife. Whatever will they do now? Will they be forced to live on the street, sleeping in alleys and accepting loose change from Maddow fans? TheDC's Jeff Poor reports: "On Thursday's The View, Walters speculated what might have happened if Weiner had stuck it out, but said it was finally coming to a conclusion with the announcement of his resignation.

Larry Flynt makes Weiner an offer he can't defuse --
Don't worry, Barbara. Anthony and Huma will be fine. Why, the job offers are rolling in already! Here's one from none other than Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, who lent HuffPo a little class with the following open letter: "Mr. Weiner: After having learned of your sudden and compelled resignation from your Congressional post, I would like to make you an offer of employment at Flynt Management Group, LLC in our Internet group... This offer is not made in jest. To show our sincerity, Flynt Management Group, LLC is willing to pay twenty percent more than your Congressional salary, ensuring that your medical benefits would be equal to what you were previously receiving.

An Ominous Dream Starring George Washington

George Washington comes to me at night.  Srsly.
If  Obama is still
president on November 1,
2012 martial law will be invoked in
no matter who wins.
Damn all of you.

I dreamed

Need proof? He smells all powdery and musty.  He smokes Marlboros. How else could I know that?