Friday, July 22, 2011

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Pelosi explained

This pretty much explains everything




Obama Timeline

Begin work on that Obamunist PhD Today!
Obama Timeline Files

With only a few exceptions, the references for The Obama Timeline are Web pages. Where information was obtained from magazines, books, or newspapers, Web pages were tracked down that contained or confirmed the same information. The result is that anyone with the desire—and the time and the patience—to check the thousands of references can do so without leaving his or her computer. Unlike books, however, Web addresses and Web pages can be changed or deleted over time. It is therefore impossible to expect all the references appearing below to remain permanently accessible. (Obama supporters have also been known to “scrub” the Internet of Web pages that may be considered damaging to him.) In many cases, multiple sources have been listed in order to compensate for the eventual and unpreventable loss of some Web pages. Hopefully, most of the references will remain valid.

References 1 through 5,000:

Boning Up on Obama

I added this link to the "Defining Articles" section at the bottom FWIW.

Janet Napolitano Factoids

"Big Sis"

Janet Napolitano Factoid

I really dislike the "Big Sis" appellation Matt Drudge conferred on  Homeland Security f├╝hrer Janet Napolitano.  First, it's intended play on  "Big Brother" does not easily work.  I fear that it instead gives this incompetent b'ch a materteral aura.  The name Homeland Security is itself Stalinesque. Hate it.  Here she warns that al-Qaeda's best bet to inflict celebratory damage on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is "sabotage by an insider at a major utility facility."   Well, that would be one way [duh], so what are we doing to monitor the activities of the most likely Muslim perpetrators?

DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists

Egad. It's every man for himself.

A fine metaphor for Big Government

A fine metaphor for Big Government

The Zodiac Killer and Obama

Today's lesson

Last night I watched  Aphrodite Jones apparently nail down the identity of the Zodiac Killer; Jack Tarrance.  Evidently dozens of people over the years have stepped forward claiming that it was their father, uncle, etc, who was Zodiac.  Jones interviewed  Jack Tarance's stepson  Dennis Kaufman.  This guy has video taped confessions, sort of,  from step-dad; but most importantly Tarance's handwriting was submitted for comparison with the handwriting on the many letters Zodiac sent to the cops and the press. Verdict:  a spot on match.  Identity solved.  However.

Less than 30 minutes later I stumbled across this on John Dvorak's site.

Someone Finally Cracked One of the Zodiac Killer’s Codes

Leigh Allen

Dvorak misleads somewhat with his title "one of Zodiacs  ... codes." .  The first cipher printed by the LA Times (after he demanded it, "or else") was solved immediately by hundreds of readers, but yielded nothing of the promised clue to his identity.  This last one had never been cracked. So what does all this mean?  It means you can't trust anyone except me to always be right.  Obama's birth certificate is a poorly constructed  phony-baloney fraud, like everything else about him..  You're welcome.