Monday, August 01, 2011

...whores, con-men, and penny-ante sharpers from East -


Congress, a collection of whores, con-men, and penny-ante sharpers from East Jesus, Nebraska, ponders the Great Question: Default now, and admit manfully to being the economic lepers everyone else already knows we are? Or raise the debt ceiling, keep spending like a spoiled Swarthmore sophomore with daddy's credit card, and collapse a bit later?

When we finally get our head out of the sand

It's just lovely. The World’s Greatest Economy holding out the begging bowl to China. “Alms? Alms for the poor?” Maybe I don't have enough Padre Kino after all. Maybe there isn't enough.  [Fred Reed]
Not Today
When we finally get our head out of the sand

How hard is it?

bada bing ...

Hoodlum Gummint

Free crack pipes to be handed out in Vancouver

Health officials in Vancouver say they will launch a pilot project later this year to distribute clean, unused crack pipes to drug users.
Gumming giveaways - condoms, needles and crack pipes

 Free condoms for First Graders (YES), Free Heroin Needles, and Free Crack Pipes (although prolly not he fancy ones with an embedded rose). WTFF?  Well not free, gummints make us pay for them ... just like the 'Magic Negro just stipulated that insurers must cover birth control with no copays.  

I know, the surveys all show that we'll eventually have to euthanize Liberals, but it will be like drowning kittens or executing a retard; they're just that dumb. But we do have the right—  and in this case the responsibility to defend ourselves, the nation, and our western culture.  Glub-glub.





The overall chart shows that Firefox has the smallest percentage of low-IQ users, and the largest of average or high-IQ users. A similar study five years ago found that users had broadly similar IQs. [Hmmmm]

And ....

Chrome Overtakes Firefox To Become UK’s Second Most-Popular Browser

So what does all this say about GB?  I don't know. I have noticed that Jeremy Clarkson takes a great interest in penis size.


 ... not including Social Security Refugee Pay ...


   cuzzin ricky

Lousy Multiculturalism -

More Proof
Multiculturalism is a killer!

Kancho Game

First it was Pearl Harbor, then Bukkake, and now Kanchco threatens our cultural identity.  And all because multiculturalism gained a foothold, thanks to Liberal ass-hats .  It  began innocently enough, if strangely  ...

Our Heroes Have Always Been Cowgirls?

Dear Yankee
Let me tell you, dryland farming is about as hard as it gets.  When I read that, Perry definitely came up in my estimation.  mary

Here we go again [...] So please, heed this advice. Rick Perry, as you have no doubt already discovered, is not the easiest man to write about. He is secretive and leery of the media (sometimes to the point of hostility), and he has a strategically valuable knack for being underestimated by his critics. I have been writing about him since the eighties, when he began his career in the Texas Legislature. Along the way I have learned a few things, which I have arranged in this handy list of Eight Points to Keep in Mind When Writing About Rick Perry. [Texas Montly]
Texas Monthly August 2011

(I've included item titles only)

1. Perry is not George Bush.
2. It’s not a big deal that Perry was once a Democrat.
3. Perry is cannier than you think he is.
4. Texas is not a “weak governor” state.
5. Perry is not a male hair model.
6. Perry is from the middle of nowhere.
7. Perry is an Aggie.
8. Don’t discount the luck factor.

So there you have it. In closing, I would like to request that you please do your best to avoid tin-ear clich├ęs about barbecue, cattle, oil, football, and the Alamo. Remember, this is an urban state of 25 million people. We don’t go to sleep at night dreaming of William Barret Travis drawing a line in the sand. We do admire our rural history, as this month’s cover attests, but our vitality is in the cities. Enjoy your visit, best of luck, and please get it right this time.

Yours truly,
Paul Burka

I imagine I'm not the first person to grin at the juxtaposition of "Our Heroes Have Always Been Cowgirls," and the Rick Perry blurb.    Still, this story can only help Perry if enough non-Texans read it.   Thanks mary.

Guest Column

Guest Post
Potpourri and bric-a-brac
by Stoo-pid

Flashing Alice

Ft. Irwin is an installation dedicated to training. It has a minimal cadre, and when I ws in the Army, the sole tenant was OpFor. OpFor is/was a unit trained in soviet tactics and equipment, and combat units would travel to Ft. Irwin to do battle with them to get an ida of how fit they were to take on Ivan.

Well, someone stole some AK-4s and a Dragunov sniper rifle from there, and now there's a reward being offered:

I guess the BATF feels like someone is harshing their gig.

Next, there's the latest Executive order issued by BO:


At the bottom of the order, he lists 4 entities this order applies to. He musta forgot to add BATF.

And finally, I've noticed that St. Anne has been making some odd statements and endorsements in recent months, and seems to have lost her fire. This guy - Los Angeles based civil attorney by day - USAR cavalry officer when called upon to defend America, has that fire:

Thanks Stoo.  I know that Mark Levin is puzzled by Ann Coulter's endorsement of ....          Since I'm carrying Ann's baby, I must be silent on the matter.    

View from a smoky budget battlefield

So, Who Won and Who Lost?

Why are these men smiling?

Anything can happen, but it appears the GOP is on the verge of pulling off a political victory that may be unprecedented in American history. Republicans may succeed in using the threat of a potential outcome that they themselves acknowledged would lead to national catastrophe as leverage to extract enormous concessions from Democrats, without giving up anything of any significance in return.

Not only that, but Republicans — in perhaps the most remarkable example of political up-is-downism in recent memory — cast their willingness to dangle the threat of national crisis as a brave and heroic effort they’d undertaken on behalf of the national interest. Only the threat of national crisis could force the immediate spending cuts supposedly necessary to prevent a far more epic crisis later. [WaPost's Greg Sargent]

It is admittedly fun to listen to the anguished bleating coming from the left.  Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said early reports of the new deal appeared to be “a sugar-coated Satan sandwich.”  The thing is, Liberals are by virtue of the very DNA that makes them Liberal,  unable to comprehend economics.  Never have, and never will.  So they, along with some non Liberals, viewed this as another action fought over losing or gaining face.  But what did the Dems get for sure?  Well, they wanted  the debt ceiling raised  through the 2012 elections. Harry Reid said that was non-negotiable.

It guarantees the debt limit will be hiked by $2.4 trillion. Immediately upon enactment of the plan, the Treasury will be granted $400 billion of new borrowing authority, after which President Obama will be allowed to extend the debt limit by $500 billion, subject to a vote of disapproval by Congress. [TPM]

What Republicans won is entangled in words like:

That initial $900 billion will be paired with $900 billion of discretionary spending cuts, first identified in a weeks-old bipartisan working group led by Vice President Joe Biden, which will be spread out over 10 years.

Going into negotiations Speaker Boner was concerned that "discretionary" cuts would come at the expense of the military. and he took that off the table.  Evidently Mitch McConnel gave it back, so now up to one-half  will come out of the military's hide.


What did the Country get for sure? 

It's still early, and God knows I only got a C in Econ 244, but it appears we got institutionalized indebtedness and insolvency.  Mommy and Daddy sold the kids for a weekend in Acapulco.

Major Award Winner

Todays Boner Preservation Award Winner

Boner Preservation Award

Whereas a certain political blackguard has besmirched the good name and meaning of  "Boner,"  SondraK is hereby awarded the coveted Boner Preservation Award for her efforts in the fight to restore  morning boners of the good kind.  Say "Here Here," and "Huzzah!"