Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Stamped Out

Russia gives Obama a titty-twister

Obama's Commie Stamp

In one of his recent interviews Mr. Obama said that fifty years ago nobody could imagine Russia and the US as partners. He added that confrontation ended together with the Cold War.
What a laugh.  Damned near every mentor Barry had, including Gammy, Gampy and Frank Marshall Davis, was certain communism would prevail.  I think what's going on here is the disrespect (they know what the buzz will be over this)  shown to what the view as an a incompetent patsy.

Commie Car Makers

Has Communism Ever Produced a Good Car?

Here's the 2nd of two parts.

Some Guy

Your brain - with lips

Marc Miller

Time Capsule

Time Capsule For the Record

Time Capsule For the Record

Blogging the Blogroll

Blog Rolling Bacchanalia

Mr. Creosote

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  4. Sondrakistan  To the astonishment of all Britain, Doug M is able to drive a TR-6 down the Pacific coast highway, eating girl food —  but with a lusty beer.  
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  7. Jimmy from PRS Beholds a Fort Collins Brewery Sampler.
Comment: A lotta people taking leisurely vacations to expensive locations.  I guess no everybody bought 10,000 shares of Martha Stewart's IPO.
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(To be continued.  I hafta make coffee)
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  9. Weekly Standard Blog - Fiscal Conservatives Barred from Supercommittee
Comment:  Humming Bird feeder empty.  Be right back.
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  12. Victor Davis Hanson: - The Tragic View Returns
  13. Red Maryland -  Not the Guy We Want Coming Off the Bench

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