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A Short Bedtime Story

A Short Story


Anthony Watts Stuff

Why I don’t subscribe to Scientific American any more
Posted on August 24, 2011 by Anthony Watts

It is because of beyond stupid fear mongering like this: Are Category 6 Hurricanes coming soon?

Gore Voted Off The IslandReally?

Lest people think this is some sort of “new” fear, I’ll remind them of this from 1969, well before CO2 was bogusly posited by Al Gore and other alarmists to be a “hurricane amplifier”:

From Yahoo Answers:

    Hurricane Camille in 1969 broke the equipment at Keesler Air Force Base (home of the Hurricane Hunter aircraft) in Biloxi, MS when her winds reached somewhere around 205 to 210 mph. So we’ll really never know just how high her winds were. [Full]

Speaking of Anthony Watts, here's his understandable nutshell summary of Mann’s Hockey Stick, Climategate, and FOI  I mention it only because I've noted a real spike in Global Warming crap on the various Hitler and HBO channels.  I attribute this to Penn State (again) clearing Mann of scientific misbehavior by inventing the "Hockey Stick." That seems to justify a continuation of the stale Goreon-Wacko claims  about farts and exhaling melting ice and killing polar bears. 

I will here offer my own 6 word abstract of Watt's abstract for youse what want it all now. 
Mann lied;
No polar bears died.

Home Quake Detector

Physicist:  Woman's Boobs & Underwire Bra Good As Seismograph at Detecting Quakes!



Body Doubles

Chris Christie's Body Dou— er .. Body Triple?

Chris Christie's Body Triple?

I really do like Christie, but not as president.  In fact, I think I'd be disappointed if he flip-flopped on global warming and guns for rank political gain.

.... rare White House message on race.

Politico - Norman Rockwell painting sends rare White House message on race

Obama Keeping Racism Alive

President Barack Obama has taken a decidedly low-key approach to racial issues since he became America’s first black president two years ago. But in a hallway outside the Oval Office, he has placed a head-turning painting depicting one of the ugliest racial episodes in U.S. history.

Rare White House message on race?  Obama is nothing without racism.  His political bones were made using race.   His early speech and writings were steeped in racial hatred. He was elected because of race.  He as been  a (aggressively)  passive-aggressive racist since coming to the White House, and this is just another example.  Barry whatever his real name is  has set the country's race relations back 50 years,  and I'm pretty damned sure it's intentional.  There are myriad reasons to despise this man; this is just one of them.  In 60 years people will be referring to what they watched on "the Obama Channel," if you know what I mean.  Sheesh.

Woot! Mystery Box

Have any of you bought a "Woot! Mystery Box?"

This wasn't me. It was a neighbor. When she said she was just 19 he sent it back because his wife told him the legal age was 35. It wasn't me though.

Defending the Undefendable

Barn Army Book Club
Defending the Undefendable

Defending the Undefendable


If not for the minimum wage law and other progressive  legislation, the employers, the fat-capitalist-pig exploiting employers, to be precise, would lower wages to whatever level they wanted. At best, we would be pushed back to the days of the sweatshop; at worst, to the days of the industrial revolution and before, when mankind waged an often losing battle with starvation.

So goes the conventional wisdom on the merits of minimum wage legislation. It will be shown, however, that this conventional wisdom is wrong, tragically wrong. It assumes a villain where none exists. What does the law actually accomplish and what are its consequences?

The minimum wage law is, on the face of it, not an employment law but an unemployment law. It does not force an employer to hire an employee at the minimum wage level ... .

 [Defending the Undefendable, p. 223]

Economist  Walter Block's book "Defending the Undefendable"  is in many ways a validation of what many of us suspect  is true, but find ourselves running instead with the herd.  Books that challenge your beliefs are a good thing.  It's my real and true experience that Democrats I know never explore themselves, at least outside of the bathroom. For instance I know for a fact that not one Liberal read  Arthur Herman's book about Joe McCarthy, but it did not stop them from paroxysmic attacks on Herman for deigning to write it.  So they continue to look and act silly.

John Stossel introduced Block's book to me, and he cites David Boaz of the Cato Institute and Nick Gillespie of Reason. in support of Block's chapter on  THE EMPLOYER OF CHILD LABOR (p. 243).

"If we say that the United States should abolish child labor in very poor countries," Boaz said, "then what will happen to these children? ... They're not suddenly going to go to the country day school. ... They may be out selling their bodies on the street. That is not an improvement over working in a t-shirt factory."

Since this is about the joy and benefits of free markets, you'll be interested to know that you can

  1. buy Block's  book from Amazon for $15, or
  2. read it for free - HERE
You're welcome.

Kenya Chicken

Global Economy
Col. Sanders comes to Kenya
KFC is first US fast food chain in East Africa’s untapped market

You can’t buy a Big Mac in Kenya. There are no Burger Kings. But there’s good news for chicken lovers: KFC just opened its first restaurant in East Africa.

Consumer Research - Test Market

Men Only

Government can't Create Jobs; Only More Government .

Why Government Doesn't (cannot) Create Jobs

city alderman Robert Bauman

If you want to know why $800 billion in government stimulus spending has created 9 percent unemployment, all you have to do is look at the windmill in Milwaukee.

The project involves a single wind turbine 154 feet tall (small by today's standard) that is supposed to supply some electricity to the Milwaukee Port Authority. The $500,000 project is being built with $400,000 in federal stimulus money and another $100,000 from the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program. It's been several years in the making but things finally seemed ready to go last month when the city finally put the project out to bid. The winner, Kettle Renewable Enterprises, had small subcontracts of $2,000 for women-and-minority-owned firms in its $500,000 offer. However, city alderman Robert Bauman decided this wasn't enough. He vetoed the project, saying more woman-and-minority firms should have been included. "If that means losing $500,000, then we'll lose $500,000," Bauman told the press. [full]

Green Lantern  says it's not the women-and-minorities part—  it's that with government everybody has to have a say in what gets done.  That's true enough, but in his example it's clearly that there are people in government who care more about diversity than outcome.  And those people are always, like Bauman, Democrats.  Always.  Conclusion:
  1. The reason why only private enterprise creates jobs is simple.  Business decisions are made by one person.  If the product or service has a market, production expands. Enough bad decisions and the business disappears. 
  2. Governments should probably only make about a dozen decisions (legislation) a year;  none of them concerning private  enterprise. 

Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson
and friend 'Hawkeye' .

Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson
and friend "Hawkeye"
Navy Seal JonTumilson and his dog Hawkeye

Hey Rodg-  Don’t know if you've seen this one but break out your Kleenex.  What a powerful picture.  With one click they captured the sadness of losing such a great man. These pictures were taken at the funeral of Navy Seal Jon Tumilson.  His canine Hawkeye would not leave the casket.  


Jon T. Tumilson
Date Of Birth: July 1, 1976
Date Of Death: August 6, 2011

            Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson, 35, a native of Rockford, died Saturday, August 6, 2011, while conducting special operations combat in Afghanistan.  He was born July 1, 1976, at Osage, Iowa. [Site]

Navy Seal JonTumilson and his dog Hawkeye
Navy Seal JonTumilson and his dog Hawkeye

Kleenex indeed.