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The Obamafia

Politics Turns Dangerously Rougher

A Commentary By Tony Blankley


The First Amendment also permits a state to ban a "true threat." A true threat encompass those statements where the speaker means to communicate a serious expression of an intent to commit an act of unlawful violence to a particular individual or group of individuals. ("Political Hyperbole" is not a true threat.) The speaker need not actually intend to carry out the threat. Rather, a prohibition on true threats "protect(s) individuals from the fear of violence" and "from the disruption that fear engenders," in addition to protecting people "from the possibility that the threatened violence will occur."

Tea Party members could reasonably feel fear of violence from union activists after Hoffa's call to "take out"

Coulter-Palin kerfluffle

Crikey—  I love it so when birds fight over me ...


  • heart4u
    Sick of Palin. What? More like Tea Party supporters SICK OF ANN COULTER! Coulter wants Chris Cristie to run..ugh. Coulter is a regular on Bill Maher show…ugh. Coulter thinks her Sh#$ doesn’t stink, ugh! Sorry Coulter, but Palin is going down in history as a true blue patriot. She’s not a LOSER like you.
    • Snowprincess
      I think you're right, heart4u. I think she must just be jealous that she doesnt' s%$^ vanilla ice cream like Sarah Palin.  I heard Sarah Palin can make a soft-serve swirl in the shape of a snow machine. That's why she has my vote.

      I think Ann is right about Palin " Fish or cut bait,"  but that's all.  How does she know that "most Americans don't want her for president?"  Polls?  I think these two commenters are agreeably prescient.

    A thematic statement

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    Killing Serments

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    Delta House, GB

    Pledging a British Fraternity

    Pledging a British Fraternity

    Assassins from the left

    Tea Party Must Die
    President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belongJimmy Hoffa

    A neighbor friend I'll call Tillie told me this story.   She was cleaning up hurricane debris from her yard when one of her best friends and her husband stopped to chat while walking their dog. I know them both to be very congenial, but uber liberal.  Tillie said that when the subject of the earthquake came up, she told the joke about the "discovery of  Bush's Fault." The woman found it hysterical.

    Woman: "That is great.  Did Obama make that up?"
    Tillie: "When?  From the golf course?"

    The woman stood slack-jawed with the realization that the joke was a slap at Obama's penchant for blaming Bush for everything.  She snapped.

    Woman over her shoulder as they walk quickly away—   "I am so sick of listening to idiots trying to claim that Bush didn't destroy this country and caused all of us to lose our savings.  So I guess you'll be voting for the Tea Party?   Who. Michelle Bachmann?  You'd better not put a Bachman sign in your yard ... you'd better not ... " [her husband is yelling something about Cheney ... ].

    I have zero doubts anymore that it is Obama's intention to spark civil unrest before the 2012 election sends  him packing.  The useful idiot classes are fully charged;  the left establishment is ferociously  priming the pumps.  As much as I would love to take a Ma-Deuce to the lot, it would be playing into their hands.  At this point I make it even money that Obama will be assassinated by one of his own disgruntled followers if he refuses to bow out of the race in favor of, who else, Hillary.

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