Saturday, September 10, 2011

The BBC -Sheesh



Spent the past hour or so installing and configuring the  TOR proxy recommended by some of you for watching the BBC.  I suggest that anyone doing the same refer to Using BBC iPlayer, Spotify or Hulu internationally, without it I never would have gotten this far.  Anyway, I got it installed, hied my way to BBC2,  and this is what I got. AWK!  Will someone (who has watched Top Gear on the BBC using TOR) send me a screen cap of their settings?  Thanks.           

Obama's Snack Time

Campaign Snack Time


Obama makes an Obama

When Obama strays from the protective rails of his teleprompter.

Rotting AF1

He gives a good speech, but he’s loose with the facts. He called Abraham Lincoln the “founder” of the Republican Party. Nope. Lincoln was not the founder of the party; he wasn’t even the first Republican nominee (John Fremont was, in 1856). Lincoln was, of course, the first Republican to be elected president. [TIME Magazine/ Jay Carney, referring to Mike Hukabee's gaffe in 2008] 

Ok, you've probably heard that Obama gaffed in his joint session campaign speech - citing Lincoln as the founder of the Republican party.

One would think he knew better, given that Huckabee did the same thing in the last Presidential election cycle, and got called on it.

By then Time blogger Jay Carney:

Justin Credible

Or looking for an honest democrat ...

Waiting for Godot

Or looking for an honest democrat

Wow - We're rich!

 .. not even close to vigintillion, let alone centillion 


Number of zeros U.S. & scientific community
3 thousand
6 million
9 billion
12 trillion (we're only this far!) 
15 quadrillion
18 quintillion
21 sextillion
24 septillion
27 octillion
30 nonillion
33 decillion
36 undecillion
39 duodecillion
42 tredecillion
45 quattuordecillion
48 quindecillion
51 sexdecillion
54 septendecillion
57 octodecillion
60 novemdecillion
63 vigintillion
66 - 120  
303 centillion

McConnell and Double Dealing Republicans ...


The complicated procedure, designed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), would allow an increase of the borrowing limit while allowing most Republicans to vote against such an increase.

I'm still stewing over this.  It's one thing to know—  as anyone with an IQ warmer than melted ice does—   that democrats are liars, commies and pedophiles.  But when the sheriff  turns out to be part of the gang,  it's just too much. Since I'm law abiding,  I'll have to hope the citizenry, now alerted to the fact that they've been playing in a crooked game for several years, don't rise as one and hang everyone in government and start new— with a provisional Barn Army government!  Today.  I'm not making this up.