Friday, October 07, 2011

Oh yeah! Well ... Oh yeah!

The useless skin around a penis is called “a man”


MSNBC besmirchin' a brother

Herman Cain and some guy

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, HOST: Question about the Commander-in-Chief role. I misread your book in its references to the Navy, and I thought you served in the Navy. You're now telling me you didn't. Can you explain how you avoided military service during the Vietnam War and during the draft and why you should be Commander-in-Chief if you did successfully avoid military service during the war that came during what would have been your war years, how you, after avoiding the Vietnam War, why should you be Commander-in-Chief?

HERMAN CAIN, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Lawrence, you know, do you stay up night to come up with the wording in these questions or do you have someone writing them for you?

Here's what happened, Lawrence. I was working in a critical area called exterior ballistics. I worked on something called the rocket-assisted projectile for the Department of the Navy. It was my local board in Atlanta, Georgia, that told me, we would rather for you to continue to do that analytical work to help the Navy rather than us drafting you. Secondly, when they had the lottery, I made myself available. The year that they had the lottery for the draft they did not draft me because they didn't get to my number. So I think that's a poor choice of words on your part, to say that I avoided the Vietnam War. I made myself available to my country, and they did not draft me. The rest of the time I was serving my country in a critical role called exterior ballistics analysis. So I am offended with your choice of words in terms of what I was doing during the Vietnam War.

O’DONNELL: I am offended on behalf of all the veterans of the Vietnam War who joined, Mr. Cain. The veterans who did not wait to be drafted like John Kerry [OMFG!] who joined. They didn't sit there and wait to find out what their draft board was going to do. They had the courage to join and to go and fight that war. What prevented you from joining, and what gives you the feeling that after having made that choice you should be the Commander-in-Chief? [full]

Why does any regular American choose to go on MSNBC? 
  1. The networks has statistically speaking no viewers
  2. The viewers they do have are split evenly between—
  • Acne faced knobs and other types
  • Conservative bloggers and journalists rubbernecking the crash site
Oh, there's this:

*****Update: O'Donnell was born November 7, 1951, turning eighteen and becoming eligible for service in Vietnam in 1969. As you might imagine, he never enlisted.

Despite being given a draft lottery number of 72 in 1970, and the military taking numbers up to 125 that year, O'Donnell evaded the draft through a college deferment.

Who is he to point fingers at anyone for their military service, especially someone that worked for the Navy?

*****Update II: I wonder if O'Donnell thinks Vice President Joe Biden is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief given his five deferments.

I have to correct something - " O'Donnell evaded the draft through a college deferment."  No, he avoided the draft using a college deferment, which carries no dishonor whatever.  Bill Clinton on the other hand evaded the draft, a felony crime. On all other counts, O'Donnel is indeed corn encrusted crap. 



A Harry Too Far

Your Time is Up 'Crats

Your Time Is Up

.To recap: Obama goes around for a solid month saying, "Come on, Republicans, pass this bill right now." So Mitch McConnell tries to put it up for a vote. And Harry Reid avoids the vote by unilaterally changing the rules of the Senate. Wow, that American Jobs Act sure is popular, huh? Well, these new Senate rules will come in handy when Republicans are in the majority and it's time to repeal Obamacare. [story]
I guess this won't make it to any Obama campaign videos.
  Jim Treacher

The Staggeringly Stupid Hank Johnson

The Staggeringly Stupid Face of the Democrat Party


Recently two people invoked the specter of GA Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson's brilliant mind.  So,  here he is again.  By the by, this happened in late March 2010.  He ran for reelection that November.  These are the results of that election.

Seat up for election
Democratic Congressman  Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.
• Re-elected Tuesday 2 November 2010
First elected: 2006
Seat up for election: Tuesday 2 November 2010
Renominated - 20 July 2010 Primary

Elected Democratic 131,760 74.67% Congressman  Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.
FEC H6GA04129; 31 Dec 10; Tot $579,057; Dsb $588,615

Candidate Republican 44,707 25.33% Lisbeth "Liz" Carter
FEC H0GA04072; 31 Dec 10; Tot $121,422; Dsb $121,422
Total 176,467 100.00%
What else can be said? 

Thoughtless Habits

The Bridge Unnecessary
Daddy, Why do people still vote for Democrats?

The Bridge Unnecessary

Thoughtless habit dearThe Bridge Unnecessary

This is a mob


Okay, everyone is pissed at Ann Coulter for .... something.  I forget.  Yes, me too.  But how can you stay pissed at someone who writes stuff like this?
I am not the first to note the vast differences between the Wall Street protesters and the tea partiers. To name three: The tea partiers have jobs, showers and a point.

No one knows what the Wall Street protesters want -- as is typical of mobs. They say they want Obama re-elected, but claim to hate "Wall Street." You know, the same Wall Street that gave its largest campaign donation in history to Obama, who, in turn, bailed out the banks and made Goldman Sachs the fourth branch of government.

This would be like opposing fattening, processed foods, but cheering Michael Moore -- which the protesters also did this week.

But to me, the most striking difference between the tea partiers and the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd -- besides the smell of patchouli -- is how liberal protesters must claim their every gathering is historic and heroic.

They chant: "The world is watching!" "This is how democracy looks!" "We are the ones we've been waiting for!"

At the risk of acknowledging that I am, in fact, "watching," this is most definitely not how democracy looks.

God v gods

Words of Inspiration for all Christian Warriors

Rotting AF1

Watch this. Trust me.

    "Christians are, moreover, born for combat, whereof the greater the vehemence, the more assured, God aiding, the triumph."

There is about four more minutes of that goodness, and these are all of the concepts the Jefferson expressed in the Declaration. Pacifism is a lie and a tool of satan. There comes a point where you HAVE to fight. We're there.
  [Ann Barnhardt]
There's a segment in EARTH 2001 where the "heroine" exclaims, as the infrastructure falls around her, "I was sure the government would save us but they never showed up.  The government failed us,"   Or words to that effect. 

I don't use this blog to proselytize my own religious faith, but I have stated a belief that adherence to the Christan faith had a salutary effect on this nation, if for no other reason than it established a common moral code.  Aside from that,  I must imagine that every human being has,  more than once,  found  himself muttering  "Please God, if you get me out of this, I swear I'll .... . "  (Who do atheists direct emergency supplications too? Really.)  Voltaire's "If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him,"  is I think spot on.  The  Progressive movement has adopted government as their god. 

All this is by way of introducing something I found (via thoR) at Ann Barnhardt.  It's an encyclical from Pope Leo that I , as with most encyclicals from Popes, was unaware of.  Because in times of crisis people need guidance, if not outright direction, to help them carry on.  That's all I have to say.  Here's the direct link to the video, for them what needs it.