Tuesday, October 11, 2011

California Teachers Unions - Again

University of California teachers’ union aims to block online classes

So much for altruism

The specter and promise of online education is perhaps nowhere more deeply felt than in California, where campus administrators and instructors are faced with a bloodletting. University of California officials have suggested that the system will have to innovate out of the current financial crisis by expanding online programs. (State house analysts agree.) Instructors, meanwhile, are terrified that this is code for cutting their pay, or increasing their workloads, or outsourcing their jobs to interlopers, or replacing them with online teaching software. ...  [Full]

The Knobs Have It .... Sheesh

Do 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Represent Your Views of the Economy?

Who's in charge here
It looks like the knobs think Fox News is good for something.

James O'Keefe Occuoies Wall Street

James O'Keefe, makes an appearance at the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in New York City. 

I would LOVE to see Penn and Teller do this mob as well.  What a pack of schmucks.

The Seal Club .............

Reluctant Dowry

A Reluctant Dowry

Kodak camera

stuff I'm pleased with

Kodak M52
Picture taken with Canon A560
I've had my Canon Power Shot A560 for 4+years and it's crapping out.  I have to flick the shutter open with my finger, and it won't record sound anymore.  A few weeks ago WOOT had this Kodak Easy Share 14 mp for $69 and I bought it.  I'm very very impressed. 

The interface is the best, and most intuitive I've ever seen on any electronics gadget.  It takes HD movies, and has a thing called Easy Share, neither of which entered into my buying decision.  Turns out Easy Share allows you to WiFi  pictures or movies to any of the social networks, or You Tube,  with the snap of a button.  That includes having them tagged, and commented if you want.  Nothing I'm interested in, but I think MoSup would like it, so I'm not going to tell her about it. 

What really tickled me though was the movie quality.  I shot the Dangerous Medicine video (just below) hand held, off the television screen while I sat in my King of France and Sweden chair.  I could have edited it in the camera,  but used my ArcSoft Showtime instead. 

I'm not pushing this; I'm just saying that, if you're in the market it's a very good camera at this price (or even more).  I thinks it's better than either of my last two Canons, which did cost a good deal more.  Like I said, I paid $75 with shipping; Amazon sells it for $125; Staples for $149.99.

You're welcome.

I already saw the movie ...

This is not a page turner ... 


Validating what most of us feel about Christie, wot?   I mean, without Olympia Snowe in the hunt,  what choice did he have?  A real conservative?  Nyuk Nyuk.  Moving on now to Chapter 5 of the already written, and accepted by the publisher book, ROMNEY 2012!  Hows that for cynical?

Damgerous Medicine

Dangerous Medicine
A preview of things to come

When I saw this on American Justice I filmed  it with a hand held cam.  It is startling. YouTube will delete it shortly.

Carter's Revenge?

Peanut Shortage
I told you you'd pay!
Peanut shortage sends peanut butter prices soaring

I know what you were saying.  "No matter how bad things get, we can always live on peanut butter."

My first thought was to blame Gore for enticing farmers to sell peanut oil as a fuel, but as it turns out, no.  Number one reason was cotton prices skyrocketed,  so farmers switched crops. Disease is playing a role too.  But look at this as an opportunity. 

Peanut Shortage

Meet The Entitled Class

YOU OWE US M_____ F______

We Hongry!
Payback is coming darlin'



About time

Exposed, unless you're a Barn Army regular  and leaned all this over a week ago.  Ahem  Still, these commie prix need to be outed for what they are.

The Laugher Curve

The Democrat's Laugher Curve
Help the economy.  Burn your house down.

Jihad Congressamn Keith Elllison

In the past Democrats made the same argument for asbestos removal (creates new jobs)  banning refrigerants (creates new manufacturing), banning gasoline engined cars (new buggy mfg), blah-blah-blah.  Their alternative to the Laffer Curve, which no liberal on earth has ever comprehended, the Laugher Curve (symbolized by the scimater) postulates that the more things we destroy, the more jobs we create, and the more the economy grows. I'm not making this up.  Help the economy.  Burn your house down.