Sunday, December 11, 2011

Su Peso Mi Peso

Su Peso Mi Peso

Coming up next hour on tonight's 60 Minutes, another  interview with the Poseur.   Steve Kroft points out that in his speech in Kansas, he mentioned "income inequality," a phrase that suggests a need to redistribute wealth. The president quickly responded that "he's just attempting to deliver the 'American Deal' of a strong middle class "where everybody is able to do their part and everybody's able to succeed."

Of course had this been Bush or Palin,  Kroft might not have danced so gingerly about, and chosen from a plethora of clips to bury the sumbitch.

Cincy-Zavier Brawl

Depends on your definition of "is", I mean"lie,"  "thug" Is

"We're grown men over here,'' Holloway explained. "We got a whole bunch of gangsters in the locker room. Not thugs, but tough guys on the court.''

Beat My Caption!


Jerry! You left your plane ticket!

bring up my inhaler
 will you?



Win fame



Obama rejected Friday the latest proposal from Republicans in Congress on a payroll tax cut, saying its costs needed to be offset in a balanced away and not with budget cuts exempting the rich.[AHEM]

We are open to looking at other ways to pay for this, but they have to be economically responsible and fair. [News Max]

"President Obama will begin a three-state
bus tour. I believe the three states are
confusion, delusion, and desperation. "
 —Jay Leno

The Republican plan paid for it with an extension of a pay freeze for federal workers, changes to civilian federal retiree benefits and other reforms, including gradual increases in Medicare health premiums for the elderly and a clampdown on assistance to illegal immigrants

Jigglr Bells .. Ho Ho Ho

Jiggle Bells
putting you in the Christmas spirit


I've been humming that all morning and MoSup is tired of hearing it. To say the least.