Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happier New Year.

cuzzin ricky

No blow-up dates for us geezers ..

In my day ...


In my day you didn't have to blow your date up with a pump. And, if you were allergic to vinyl or silicone, it didn't matter. Your gal didn't smell like plastic either. That yonder is my friend Jimmy Montgomery Flagg with his girlfriend Muzzy.  She smelled like fresh linen after a good wash. So you gol-dang whipper-snappers ain't invented anything new, just ruined what was natural and good,

The Salvador Dali Award

The Salvador Dali Award for Most Creative Blogging:
Curmudgeonly & Skeptical and Sondrakistan (tie)

Dagnabbit—   If I'd left my fly open, I'da beat her by an inch and kept the whole $ 1.2 million prize money.  Except I reckon she earned it more.  Anyway, I am honored Director Blue

Hoes in the Outfield

About to be iced ...



New Year Wishes

A New Year Blah Blah Blah

Riding with Democrats

At year end I find myself  discombobulated.  The received prosopography must look like this to to the reader.   akimbo
Maybe because my principle foci these past several years have been on political stuff
and I've  discovered it's been like reading James Michener novels.  All very entertaining, but scripted and quite predictable after awhile.  Adam Smith's invisible hand is clenched by a  gummint fist in a life-or-death arm wrassle.  It's down to this for me, either Democrats and Liberals win, or America wins.  Not both.  Only solution I can muster involves uninvented aircraft and death rays. 

I explained in a comment below that this forum  is a stream-of-consciousness monologue. Everyday, and sometimes every hour, there's a new amuse-bouche. Lately the boosh has been airy, and without much substance. It's not that Obama & Co. have reached a depth of wretched behavior that's no longer fathomable; they have not.  Each day brings new and unique outrage.  On the day Obama was elected I posted, simply

As it turns out, nothing more needed to be said. Nothing written since has further advanced the understanding and tragedy of this government.

blah blah blah

Finally (for this post), thanks to everyone who supported me last year, either financially or with great content.  I could not function without either.   Happy New Year.  For now, I have a good deal of silliness saved up, and will indulge myself without apology.  I hope this doesn't sound too dour.  I just watched
Norm MacDonald: Me Doing Stand-Up (sample→), and am laughing my ass off.  You should too.