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Who piloted the piloted 9-18 plane? That's right!

Then, There's this ...

OT here Boss, but since you were the first (practically only) source of info (Who piloted 9-18 plane? ) RE: the economic events of September 11, 2008 I wanted to make sure you saw this -

Included is a link to this Document/report-
Just started reading this so I don't know what all is in it yet.

Grumpy links to  Everything Is Backwards Blog (Paper Blood – The Global Economic War Against the US.)  Mr. (Miss?)  Backward's odyssey begins with a March 2011 comment and link by Instapundent.

While perusing the Interwebs this morning, I ran across a link at the Blogfather’s site, With his usual understatement, it goes like this:

ECONOMIC WARFARE: Was the U.S. a victim of an economic 9/11 in 2008? Unclassified DoD report at the link.

What I found at that link was cause for concern. Great concern. A lot of great concern. A metric shit-ton of it in fact.

Here's another clip from that post

The report points to the obvious enemies of radical Islam but also includes other well-known enemies who are working behind the scenes to topple our government, and with that, destroy our way of life. We’ll start with Osama bin Laden’s remarks in his 21 December 2001 message:

    “… The economic bleeding is continuing to date, but it requires further strikes. The young people should make an effort to look for the key pillars of the US economy. The key pillars of the enemy should be struck, God willing... Thanks to Almighty God, those blessed attacks, as they themselves admitted, have inflicted on the New York and other markets more than a trillion dollars in losses. …hitting the economic structure…is basic for the military power... It is very important to concentrate on hitting the US economy through all possible means.”

We’ve heard these statements before from him, what we haven’t heard is how he plans to carry out his goal of our economic destruction. It’s here that this report details the financial instruments through which our enemies can wage an economic war on American interests and institutions. And just so you know, it’s pretty much everybody: Iran, OPEC, Russia, North Korea, Hugo Chavez, and George Soros all have a hand in this.

Interesting that there is a report. Interesting that it evidently collars the same people I did, although I do include Obama.  Prolly not as a key player; he hasn't the raw intelligence, but the person selected to run Amerika II in its infancy.  It's here that Obama has done an admirable job of keeping things destabilizied, wot.  Let's call it Obama Spring.


Anonymous said...

You’ve been on this from the start, Boss.

But even in my own infinite naivety, I would have thunk some brave patriot from the previous administration with intimate knowledge of the situation, or a hapless insider from the Congress or, alas, a rare yet honest media member, would have floated the notion somewhere in mainstream society, that this 9/18/2008 attack on our economic system, reeked of collusion and sabotage the likes of which only a mortal and competent enemy could inflict.

Is the dime about to drop on all this? Or are we just jerking off?


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why nobody seemed to "follow the money" when that happened. If the system was hacked, I would think our cyber bubbas could have traced it down.

When no info came out, I figured no one could stand the real answer, because it probably meant war.

Anonymous said...

OT, if I may, my leige.

Coincident with Obambi's Pentagon press conference today (wherein he announced we will now be capable of fighting only one ground war at a time), DOD released an new "Defense Strategic Guidance" document which describes the new policy.

If you liked the Hildebeest's "Smart Power," get ready for "Smart Defense." I am not making this up; see page 3.

Kristopher said...

It was attacked, but it wasn't a bunch of foreigners.

McCain and Palin were in the lead two weeks before the election. Barney Frank had his houseboys who were running fanny mae and freddy mac ( literally ... they both slept with him to get their jobs ) pull the carpet out from under the economy by declaring a large group of banks holding bad mortgages to be insolvent.

Then the shit hit the fan, which allowed the dem-cong to blame Bush for Clinton and Carter monetary mismanagement via CRA's NINJA home loan program for bums. CRA was on hiatus during The Reagan and Bush years, but the damage was already done.

( NINJA = No Income, No Job? Approved! )

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