Monday, February 06, 2012

Photo-op crap


The Photo That Could Win Romney the White House
The leading Republican candidate should schedule a visit with Catholic leaders now, according to our political columnist, and reap the political benefits in November.


This is my response to any appeal to bring religion into this election (as long as the candidate is not a Muslum).  What a bunch of crap, that 'photo-op' notion.  I'm a Roman Catholic, and I could care less that Ronald Reagan wasn't, if you catch my drift.  It's unlikely, bordering on  impossible, that Obama would carry the practicing Catholic vote as it is.  I don't care that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  I do care that he would be just another version of  the Bushes, McCain,,  shoved down our throats by the establishment GOP, and lacking any revolutionary fervor for  lopping heads.  Same goes for the rest of the pack, except for Ron Paul who comes with his own bag of worries. I must content myself then with a stop-gap hope that the Obama monster will be slain in November because, to mix metaphors,  we're not just on the brink, we're leaning 20ยบ to leeward.


Jess said...

He might have a problem if they demand: "To thy own self be true." He's been a politician for so long, he needs a script to determine what he says.

Anonymous said...

Rodger, Mormonism is not just another slice of Christianity. It's going to hurt when they start doing what's good for you.


I-RIGHT-I said...

I've yet to see any evidence that the Mormon cult has any real power to influence national policy Casca. If you want to worry about shit like that worry that the entire Democratic Party has been taken over by Satan himself.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Casca, neither is Judaism a slice of Christianity. Who cares? The only example -in the nation's history - of religious doctrine being imposed on an unwilling nation is by statists, or religious left if you prefer. What Mormon principle do you worry about from Mitt? Mandatory genealogy? Srsly

Anonymous said...

One has rules that one lives by. I hesitate to kick every barking dog, because I know that as a whole, it is not a productive occupation for me, and it is the main occupation of the dog.

I have a mere acquaintance like you Righty. He's always trying to get closer to me, and I'm always gaffing him off. Call it what you might, he gives me the creeps.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Rog, I heard that the perverts were running the church, but can it be true that you think Judaism and Christianity unrelated? They are interminably related, and one literally couldn't exist without the other.

If you want to know what's wrong with Mormonism, educate yourself on the subject. There is a reason they were driven across the country to Utah, and there is a reason why you can't do anything in Utah without having a friend in the Temple.

Frankly, it would be better to have the present satanic influence in power. You know where he stands, evil though he may be. Those who outwardly profess holiness, but inwardly practice evil? Well, those are the wolves in sheep's clothing one has been warned about.


Ten Mile Island said...

It's like I've always said of Danny Ainge, he manages the Celtics just like he played; just like a Mormon.

Jim - PRS said...

"Frankly, it would be better to have the present satanic influence in power."

Say it ain't so, Casca. I'm beggin' ya.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Casca, I chose my words carefully. Christianity is a slice of Judaism. The slice come to fruition perhaps, but not the other way. At any rate, it is all beside the point that I see no threat from Mitt, religion wise. Just from his dicey political ideology and general smarminess.

Anonymous said...

Rodger, you make my point for me sir. The outward image is all familial goodness, whereas the man's allegiance to anything is absolutely for sale.

They were all polygamists until they wanted statehood, then they made it illegal, but did it anyway. I don't have a problem with people being wrong. I have a problem with people who live lives of deceit.

As for your rejection of the position that Christianity is essential to Judaism: The Jews await the Messiah. If Christ is the Messiah, then in God's plan Christianity is essential to Judaism.


Anonymous said...

I lived in an Arizona mormon community. Nicest, most and most generous people I'll ever meet. They weren't exactly sacrificing virgins in the back yard like everyone sounds when they bring up "the mormon issue".

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was ironic{and somewhat hypocritical} that the majority of the casino workers, the croupiers and dealers, are of the Mormon faith. They are not allowed to gamble, but it is alright to operate the tables?
Kind of reminds me of the story about the Bible-thumping "Christian" mechanic that cheated people who were not of his faith with the rejoinder that it "was Okay because they were not Christians."
At least the Muslims are up-front with their deal that they can lie to advance their cause, and that they put women and non-Muslims in a category of second-class citizens, if they are citizens at all.

Kristopher said...

Casca: as an atheist, I have a question ... If Jesus could walk on water and rise from the dead, then what would prevent him from walking across the Atlantic to preach to the natives?

Sorry, but Mormons are just different, not worse, in my eyes. The mainstream Christian religions had plenty of 10th to 18th Century blood on their hands. It takes a while for a new religions' adherents to have some sense beat into them.

And I get to deal with unwanted proselytism myself, if I admit to people around me that I am an atheist. Most of it from mainstream Christians who are determined to save me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I knew it would come to blithering anecdotes. My point is a simple one. Mormons are no more Christians than Muslims are.

You may all elect Willard if you like. I don't believe I will.


I-RIGHT-I said...

"Most of it from mainstream Christians who are determined to save me."

Bah. "Mainstream" christians don't have time for that nonsense. The people who knock on your door every two or three years were probably born again bible believing Right Wingers who certainly deserve a little bit of your time. I mean really, what if there IS a hell? It will be you the Kennedy's and the Obama's all in one smoky room. Christ, you'd better get that old King James out and dust it off before it’s too late. You never know when Instant Karma is going to get you.

I-RIGHT-I said...

"Casca: as an atheist, I have a question ... If Jesus could walk on water and rise from the dead, then what would prevent him from walking across the Atlantic to preach to the natives?"

That wasn’t his job. His job was to preach to the Jews. Our job is to preach to the heathen like yourself. Sorry Casca, couldn’t help it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an athiest but I have zero qualms with mormons. Casca, I have read your comments for a long, long time, and we seem to have the same views on most things idealogically. That said...if Romney is the man to go up against Obama, you'll just take your ball and go home? You think being a Morman means he will do worse than Obama?

I would vote for a Supermodel cardboard cutout beer ad over Obama, given the chance. So I can't quite understand all these people saying they wont vote for Romney. I think Gingrich is an idiot who pulled some hypnosis to make people forget his post '96 years where he tried to out-McCain McCain for "Republican Media Darling."

But I'd still vote for him over the Kenyan.

pygmy rattler said...

Down here just south of the Fla line, we just guzzle shine and catch snakes for the roundup-that's our religion. We also strongly feel that in '08 if Sarah Palin had open carried and had slapped a couple three reporters, we would just be re-electing her and McCoin.
Respectfully submitted.

JeremyR said...

My main problem with Moronism is their stance on marriage. I'd kinda like having two wives. As long as they fight with each other and leave me alone that is..

Anonymous said...

I have known quite a few Mormons. Most are nice people, the rest try to be. I have noticed a pattern, though, that some of them feel that most non-Mormons just aren't as good as they, are, and that the rest of us don't measure up to God's plan, and therefore aren't quite as deserving. Note the ruthlessness with which Romney and his friends are attacking their fellow Republicans. This is something I have seen before.

Still rather have Romney. There are more of us than there are of them.

--Senor Sapo

Anonymous said...

casca, your bigotry is showing. Would rather have the iWon than a mormon?

I admit I hate Harry Reid, but he is as much Mormon as the swimmer was Catholic.

Do you live in Utah? If so, I understand but it isn't any different than my visit to Arkansas a couple years ago to visit family. The bible belt is just as odd in their own way. But I wouldn't say that they are worse than the devil, as you did with the mohammedian in the White House.

I am not sure what you are talking about here with gotta have a friend in the temple to get things done, just not true.

As far as Mormons go, the only ones that annoy me at the Utahan's. I think that comes from living in a bubble, like the afore mentioned Arkansans baptists(like casca). I think the out of utah Mormons are what the religion strives to be. While the Utahans are just stuck on the yuppy one-up-manship.

Anonymous said...

I didn't leave my tag. The anony who wrote about Arizona, and the first post about Casca taking "your ball and going home" was me. The one before this one, wasn't.


Anonymous said...

Normally, I'd ignore the comment, but I've learned that every charge must be refuted quickly and vigorously, or one risks a sudden drop in the polls.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor do I see myself becoming a Baptist. Not that there's anything wrong with Baptists, like there is with Mormons.


Kristopher said...


It's your job to proselytize me? Then you won't mind if I give your name and address to the LDS, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Scientologists so they can do their jobs on your doorstep?

Kristopher said...

JeremyR: Nope. They would gang up, on you. Bet on it.

Kristopher said...

Jebus ... open that religion vs. religion vs. atheism can, and it explodes messily ... again.

I should really know better by now.

I-RIGHT-I said...

The only thing messy about this Kris was the way you tried to invite yourself into a gunfight with just your pecker in your hand. You must be fairly new at this atheist thing.

Kristopher said...

Here I attempt to offer an olive branch and retire form this festival of fecal slinging, and you crank up and throw again.

Lets make this simple. If you don't think you should have to deal with Scientologists on your doorstep trying to help you get "clear", then I don't think I should have to deal with unwanted attempts to save me.

What part of this statement is unreasonable?

I-RIGHT-I said...

I wasn't trying to save you Kris, I was giving you some good advice. It's unlikely you know any serious Christians but in the off chance that you do you might ax them what they do when a cultist shows up at their door. They probably do what I do from time to time, invite them in. I speak the lingo.

Juice said...

Casca~ Thank you!
But what is missing here is the fact that Mormon men believe when they die that they will become gods and rule over a planet. They must call their wives from the dead to join them. If... the wife has been obedient. Want that mini-god in the WH? NO effing way. Uh-hem... sounds a bit like 72 virgins to me.

Kristopher said...

I-RIGHT-I: OK, I'll drop this then.

Juice: Heh. It was that attitude that caused Joe Smith's first wife to break from Brigham Young's group, and start, with Smith's eldest son, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Saints.

They are still worshiping today as the Community of Christ in the midwest.

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