Saturday, February 18, 2012

Strafed by Jap Zeros and other stuff that makes sense in the Nanny State.

The Nanny State - one regulation away from total bliss                       

Mother to face charges for unusual punishment


Res Ipsa Loquitur

"Ask yourself a question - is that safe for the child? If you wouldn't want your child doing it, we probably don't need somebody else's child doing it," said Sergeant Lyle Waterworth (aka Officer Krupke).

The guard called Jonesboro police, who took the boy to school, then contacted his mother.

Nequavion's mother was cited for endangering the welfare of a minor in the second degree. [full]

Jesus, I'm feeling like a disgruntled postal worker Click. Click. What was it Nequavion's mother did that was so horrible?  Was it make him a turkey and cheese sammich [See West Hoke Elementary]  for lunch?  No. She forced her 10-year-old son to walk nearly five miles to school as punishment after his school suspended his bus privileges for the fifth time due to yelling. 

"She did the right thing, she knew that I had been suspended off the bus five days, so she didn't do nothing wrong. She made me walk. I just had to walk. They shouldn't have picked me up. I could've walked by myself, " said the kid.

"Shut the fk up brat," responded Officer Krupke, "we know what's good for you."

Cue stories about walking six miles to school through three feet of snow while Jap Zeros strafe you. .



mRed said...

My six miles in the snow to school didn't include strafing but it was uphill. Both ways.

I-RIGHT-I said...

They probably thought he was up to no good. Had it been me I'd have played hookie and hid out in a tree house eating Oreos and reading Playboy until the entire town was looking for me. Five miles! Screw that noise.

DougM said...

That sure was dangerous.
I mean, makin' a kid walk that far to school ... unarmed!
(yes, that's a joke)

Anonymous said...

My six miles in the snow to school didn't include strafing but it was uphill. Both ways.
# posted by Blogger mRed : 2/18/12 3:38 PM

with a boner

Anonymous said...

The kid misbehaved and got told he can't ride. His mom agrees. How is it her punishment? How is the administrator that banned the kid from the bus not in equal trouble with the nanny?


I-RIGHT-I said...

"What was it Nequavion's mother did that was so horrible? "

Well to start with....

Anonymous said...

I walked to every day for 17 years until I got to Jr. High (middle school for you younguns) and during that time nothing or nobody bothered me after I killed a b'ar with a spiral notebook.

Cheesy said...

Try doing that carrying a baritone - in a case...

Anonymous said...

Onct I was walk'n ta skool in the midle of winter, ah musta been 21-22 years on( ok 22 it WAS 9th grade after all)when I got chased by a griz. I made a dash to the pond and dipped a single hair from my pornstache in the water and stuck it to a stick (froze instantly cuz it was 198 below zero...centigrade) witch I usedta stab that griz rite thru the eyeball and into his brain witch kilt him ded instantly , so nun you wusses wanna tick me off ok.

Dien Cai Dau

Anonymous said...

Wasnt that baritone kinda heavy to carry and how did you get him into the case?

puzzled x

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty near thing, but I think the maddest I ever got my father was the time he was going on about how he had to walk three miles to school, even when it snowed, and I said, "yeah, I've heard this one before. Uphill both ways, in the snow in the hottest part of July."

Pow. Right to the moon, Alice.

Sir H the (suitably chastised) Comet

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Waterworth has a point, though this mother does not deserve to be punished. She was taking a risk I consider unacceptable in these screwed-up times.
We live in the hills. My daughter missed the bus one time too many and instead of driving her, I made her walk to school, about 2.5 miles. I walked with her (I work at home, so have some leeway that most people don't have). There was NO F*ING WAY I would have made her walk by herself. Do I really have to explain why?
Several neighbors taking their kids to school stopped and offered us rides, but I politely refused and explained why.
Two weeks later, she missed the bus again. This time, no neighbors stopped.
That was the last time she missed the bus.
Daniel Day

Anonymous said...

With a 1:1,500,000 chance of getting kidnapped by a stranger?
source [PDF]

Riding in a car is far more likely to result in serious injury or death.

[your neighborhood's mileage may vary]

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