Saturday, May 19, 2012

University Fights ObamaCare

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Ohio Catholic University Fights ObamaCare
may well be the key to the dismantling of President Obama’s re-election hopes

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The metro Cleveland area as well as the state of Ohio will be the linchpin in the 2012 presidential election and ObamaCare may well be the key to the dismantling of President Obama’s re-election hopes. This week, Catholic University in the city of Steubenville helped to put one more nail in the Obama election machine when it rejected implementation of ObamaCare.  Michael Hernon, who is VP of Advancement at the University, suggested that President Obama’s health care program amounted to a “moral and economic injustice, when he appeared on Fox News' Fox and Friends show this week.

There is a moral and a principled battle of legendary proportions occurring in Ohio and in many other states as well. Here is the dilemma: whether or not moral principles can be trampled under the uncaring heels of the federal government mandates from the Obama administration that require any school to use their health care plan to provide sterilization, contraceptives or other pregnancy prevention drugs to students.


Anonymous said...

If that's the case, then Ken Blackwell needs to be our Veep.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ken Blackwell is vastly unappreciated. Off, because Dems are scared to death of him.

Anonymous said...

Why-TF is Mr. Blackwell not Chairman of the RNC?

It wasn't for nuthin' that Kim calls the R's "the stupid party".

Sir H the (more annoyed every-freakin' day) Comet.

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