Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Well Dressed Wal-Mart shopper

Finally, a truly well-dressed Wal-Mart shopper!!!
Res Ipsa Loquitur



Anonymous said...

and despite her age quite a looker

Louisiana Steve said...

I concealed carry in Walmart all the time. Wouldn't dare open carry. Folks would freak out and call the police.

Anonymous said...

Hammer down... not ready to use it...

toadold said...

If you are going to open carry use a retention holster and have a knife on your off side. The world is full of idiots, evil, and crazies.

DougM said...

I'm thinkin' cop or retired cop.

Anon is correct — cocked & locked for a 1911

Can't quite see a trigger-finger lever on that Kydex holster in this exposure, but it may well be a retention holster. I have one just like it, if it is.
You're right, though. Open carry requires strong retention.
Kydex is kind of vulnerable to being torn off a belt, though; and that belt doesn't look to all-fired sturdy, either.
On, the other hand, she doesn't look the type to be messed with.

Louisiana Steve's right about open carry.
In a lot of places, it's legal; but it makes you vulnerable to
• Explaining to the authorities what you're up to
• Complains of breach of the peace
• Bein' the first one targeted in a violent crime

Cheesy said...

Or death by cop:

markshere2 said...

Excellent profile shot.
NIIIce gun, but I don't understand the "Israeli carry", hammer down thought process.

I too choose to CC most of he time, but I sure do respect those that are "out there" for 2A.

Nice rack, too.

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