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Res Ipsa Loquitor

Res Ipsa Loquitor


dande said...

Laugh all you want at those of us who use Macs. I bought Mac 512K in 1985 mainly as a fun machine to experiment with. I was an advertising creative director on one of the big car accounts and the Mac was a fun thing to have in my office. Back then I still used a drawing board, paper and magic markers to make layouts and storyboards. There was a lot to like about that little Mac. I saw potential. So much potential that in early 1985 I bought 1000 shares in Apple for just over $4,000. by 1990 with the introduction of Photoshop, I was using a Mac II for some layouts. The Mac was becoming a tool. Over time newer, more powerful Macs and Adobe software became the mainstays of my home office. By the1992 the major ad agency I worked for dropped PC and switched to Mac. I have never been a part of the Mac Cult, I do have a beard, but I've had that since 1970, I wore suits to work–my 6'6" 325 pound body would never fit into skinny jeans, I'm a proud member of the NRA, I can;t stand Staarbucks but I like my coffee from McDonalds, Thanks to those original 1000 shares which after three splits turned into 8000 shares I retired from the ad business before I turned 55 and now spend my time making and selling art. Over the years I bought more Apple stock, but—as of today—just my original $4,000 investment is worth over Five million dollars. Not bad for a guy who likes Macs because they are good solid tools.

pdwalker said...

Rodger, do you consider that ^^^^^ a bite?

Kristopher said...

The mac head is nibbling ... set the hook!

Kristopher said...

Ya know ... you can have all of the advantages of UNIX without having to pay Apple through the nose, dande.

Just buy a much faster and cheaper PC at Fry's, or over the internet, and then load Ubuntu LINUX on it.

It's even more bullet proof, uses the same OS that all of the adults on the internet use, and it's free.

You just have to stop being an ignorant Apple fan boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dande, aren't you the same guy that bought Berkshire Hathaway for $12 a share back in the mid 60's??


Anonymous said...

"good solid tools"

indeed... are you going to wait until next February to scrape the Obama sticker off off your Subaru, or just cover it up with another rainbow?

macweave said...

Get over it the interface wars are over.
Mac won.
everyone uses their UI but only the few honest ones pay for it!

Anonymous said...

They pay Xerox?


I-RIGHT-I said...

It's nice to hear from somebody that made a few bucks from Apple. Most everybody else just gets screwed.

DougM said...

Still have my original '84 128K Mac.
Playin' on a Mac now.
No beard.
Never been to a Starbucks.
Keep my anti-virus and other security software current.
Hate vegetables.
Wear relaxed-fit jeans.
Like a good tweak, now and then.
(What? Well, yeah, okay, the douchebag thing is accurate.)

leelu said...


The WIMP interface that just about everyone uses today came from The Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (XEROX PARC).

WIMP == Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointers.

Right, Casca??

vanderleun said...

I guess Rodger want's everyone to just forget the endless bullshit he goes through with his PCs. Speaking for myself I'll be here waiting to bind up the wounds he sustains the next time a Windows machine transforms him into a human suppository.

macweave said...

Xerox did invent wimp interface at PARC nobody disputes that. It would still be there without the MAC. The PARC engineers invited there Apple buddies over because they wanted it made. Not buried.
PARC where good ideas when to die.

pdwalker said...

transforms him into a human high velocity suppository.

There, fixed it for ya.

Celebrate Homogeneity said...

I have a beard. A Viking beard, not a designer-label Lexus-driver beard. I started with Mac in 2005, and the last machine I bought is a 2011 Mini. No more. The latest operating system has hooks to Facebook whether you want it or not. The latest models have batteries that require a trip to Apple to replace. Menory is soldered in, so, no more owner upgrades. Dolid-state drive memory also soldered in where it used to be sockets.

The Mac has evokved from a great graphics machine to a toy for those who Want To Be Seen with Cool Stuff.

That's notvwhat I seek. I have work to do, not neighbors to one-up.

Celebrate Homogeneity said...

Sorry about the typos.

macweave said...

got beard
bought Apple stock at 9 wish I still had more than 7 shares but Obama's economy has left me without a job (as has cancer)
First Mac 128k
Still have it and 4 others.
Learned fortran in 1968 and basic a couple of years later. So took to Mac the first time I tried it.

Linda said...

I bought a Macbook in 2007, after years of using PCs. What I've found:
- they, and their components, are pricey
- if you go to the Apple store for an service appointment, they will cancel you if you are more than a few minutes. I got my Irish up, and complained to the manager. I got it taken care of within an hour.
- it's like a vacation connecting to new printers or networks - compared to the torment you have with PCs - just plug in, and it works. If you travel a lot, this is worth it alone.

Helly said...

Are you tweaking me, Rodge?

Ok, Step 1: Ironic or not, facial hair is not happening. Nobody ever gets to see me in reading glasses, and I take the safety off my pepper spray around anyone wearing a keffiyeh.

Step 2: I have only been to Starbucks once and hated their burnt coffee. However, I can occasionally be found at the Panera near the dive shop. It has great wifi and delicious salads. This is great for keeping up my strength and plotting navigation for extended shopping trips.

Once I met a real live Russian commie at Panera when he came over to admire my MB Air. We had a great convo. I told him how to make yogurt and he turned me on to kvass.

Step 3: Apparently some Macs have been reported to be infected with malware. Mine haven't in 27 years with no other protection than the machines' native immunity.

They really do work well. Never had to wipe and reinstall. The only hardware issue was a frayed wire on a charger which they replaced FOC. At a hotel, I can just waltz into the business office to wirelessly print our boarding passes like it was my own network. At home a plugin turns the portable into a 27 inch desktop. Now with thunderbolt, I'll upgrade to twin 27 inch panels.

Vegan? If you can afford a Mac, you can afford fresh fish.

No jeans. Cotton is completely out for South Florida. I haven't worn denim in 2 years. In fact, I try to avoid wearing more than 200 grams of clothing.

mperkins37 said...

Step 4 - Did you see where my Mac went, I just went to the Bathroom and....

mperkins37 said...

On a side note, Every computer I owned is/was a mac, Had a B&W 300 tower first, Sitting behind a 08 MacPro & 30" Apple Cinema today....

Anonymous said...

Si, leelu.

Robert X. Cringely is the keeper of all computer knowledge, and author of this:

Linda, if you can't connect your laptop to a strange printer or network, one wonders what you CAN do.


Anonymous said...

Kvasss sucks!


Anonymous said...

All I've ever known is MAC ! Am I a bad person if I've never had a virus of had to perform all of that PC witchcraft I often hear you all bitching about ? I find it amusing listening to all of you PC people giving advice to one another ! You all seem so smart dishing out solutions to problems we MAC people never have ! I often feel left out , but then I just close my MAC BOOK PRO , and go fishing , or hunting , or riding my Harley ; ) > SMIBSID

Kristopher said...

Damned Rodge ... got a lot of fish on that single lure.

Kristopher said...

Macweave: Xerox PARC gave away the WIMP interface.

They eventually sold it to a foundation that public-domained the whole damned thing, putting an abrupt end to the Apple/Microsoft/UNIX X Window interface lawsuit.

So you may cordially STFU with this "stolen interface" bullshit.

pdwalker said...

Uncle Rodger, I think you'll appreciate this:

Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say, part 1

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