Thursday, August 30, 2012

Barkin: Help MEEEEEEE

Res Ipsa Loquitor

These are two of what must be 2-3 dozen recent cases of prominent (Liberal) public figures going bezerko.  Let's take Barkin.  Your typical washed-up Hollywood twat; very vulnerable.  I suspect scenes like this happen more than you'd suspect.

Barkin:  I need work. What the hell  Shit Year (a recent Barkin movie)? And a couple of TV pilots in the last five years? What am I paying you for?

Agent: Ellen, you're off the radar.  Nobody thinks of you.  Nobody wants to boff you.

Barkin: So?  What? I'll do full frontal.  Hell I'll even do PINK!

Agent: So will every girl in Junior High, and their boobs don't sag.  But, I do have an idea.

Barkin: What? Fake a suicide? 

Agent: No, that's been done to death.  No, what I want you to do is - I'll set it up- I want your to "lose it" in front of the press.  I want you to say something inflammatory that will wake Hollywood up.  Make guys like Spielberg love you.

Barkin: tap*tap*tap

Agent: Tell them you hope God, or someone,  kills every fu**ing Republican on earth and flies eat their carcasses!  Say you wish you had an assault rifle so you could spray the GOP convention.

Barkin:  Won't I get arrested?

Agent:  By who?

Or,  she could be like Chris Matthews, David Chalian, Samuel L Jackson, or any number of the rest our left-media canker blossoms.  Committed and unhinged Marxists (though most have not a clue) who believe

 I'm a committed old school American, and I'd love to see a meteor hit the Democrat convention in Charlotte.  Best thing that could happen to this nation. 

The difference between me and them is a big one.  I'm a two-bit no name blogger. A guy spouting off in the neighborhood bar. Any influence I have on the public debate is filtered through more moderate voices.  These people however have a national platform.  What they say influences, and validates millions of the wackiest people in the nation.  Unhinged, with nothing to lose.  Those  people are out there planning mayhem as we speak. And they are bankrolled by the likes of George Soros and the SEIU. 

War is hell.  And, I never thought Ellen Barkin was that hot.


Anonymous said...

What's this about Chris Matthews?

Steve in Greensboro said...

"Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone" said Miss Dorothy Parker.

Kristopher said...

The more unhinged they get, the better.

Americans need to see what these people really think.

Anonymous said...

Ellen Barkin .......

I wouldn't date the bitch....but I will share a box of popcorn with her.

Anonymous said...

Popcorn...Is a classic comedy bit. I can't remember when I laughed so much. Barkin really is a zombie.

Still I bet most of ya would do her.


Linda said...

The scary part is that these are just the Liberals too dumb to keep their hatred on the down-low.

Can you imagine with the "smarter" ones are saying behind out back?

vanderleun said...

That's not lip gloss in her picture.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I know. Anal lube?

Anonymous said...

Urban Dictionary does not explain what "do pink" means. Is that the "Brown Bunny" thing?

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