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Navy SEALs respond to Media Matters

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Media Matters staffer says Obama-critical SEALs ‘don’t have guts’
Navy SEAL responds

Media Matters senior fellow Eric Boehlert said on Thursday that a group of former Navy SEALS “don’t have guts” after the special forces operators launched a media campaign condemning the Obama administration’s national security leaks.

Boehlert accusing Navy SEALs of being gutless has inflamed conservatives online, who view Boehlert as the face of liberal smears emanating from Media Matters for America.
“Boehlert is such a straight up Obama boot licker that he actually smears former Navy SEALs who don’t like the fact that President Obama’s administration is leaking sensitive information that could put current SEALs in danger,” reads a reaction post on The Right Sphere, a conservative blog.

Sonny Bunch, managing editor for the Washington Free Beacon, wrote on Twitter, ”Dear God: All I ask before I die is that you let me witness Eric Boehlert call a Navy SEAL a coward to his face.”
There is some irony in Boehlert accusing a political group of hiding its affinity for, or opposition to, a particular candidate.
Media Matters, as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, is forbidden from explicitly endorsing or opposing a candidate for elected office. But as TheDC has previously reported, the group has steadily expanded its support of Obama as he mounts up his 2012 re-election campaign. 
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I've not gone looking for it, but lately I'm struck by how many conservative  ripostes  appear on just about any lefty posting, or newspaper article with commenting allowed.  Eric Davidson's Twitter response is a prime example.  It's getting harder for these mofos to lie, and I think much of that is due to Obama.  He's so egregious a  liar that a lot of people who were prone to accept as gospel any "official" voice are now willing to accept that media  and democrats regularly  lie from out their asses.


Anonymous said...

I would like very much to see any one of the Media Matters crowd of certified idiots undergo even one week of SEAL training. And even if even one of them survived that first week without ringing the bell (telling everyone they've had enough), tthat person would not last through the remaining weeks, much less through Hell Week.

The SEALs have one adage that says it all for them: "The only good day was yesterday." Media Matters will realize that when November 7 comes around and Romney has put the boot to The Komrade Emperor Ayatollah.


Anonymous said...

"The only easy day was yesterday."


Anonymous said...

If they did make it through the whole 24 week BUD/s program, you could pretty much count on them not being a libtard anymore.

Anonymous said...

What rocket scientist thought it was a good idea to try to discredit or question the motivation of Navy Seals?

At this point in time there is probably no other group in America (or the entire world) with a higher positive public opinion rating than the Seals.

Vlad The Inhaler

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