Thursday, August 30, 2012

Obama's Toast

Given These Startling Facts,
 How Can Obama Win?
only massive voter fraud can save him


Anonymous said...

A federal court just struck down Texas' voter ID law. Same thing happens anywhere you try and have some sort of identification for voters. NOW WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT IS?

I want to rent a car? I NEED ID.

I want to get on a plane? I NEED ID.

I want to get DirecTV? I NEED ID.

I want to vote Democrat? COME ON IN.

...and that is how Obama wins.

USMC2841 said...

State Constitutions should be amended to link voting participation to the requirements for owning a firearm. Only one of these acts is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous said...

That The Komrade Emperor and his Shyster General, Eric the Contemptible, are totally against voter ID laws shows to the majority of the country that they actively support voter fraud. Period! End of sentence!


Anonymous said...

And to Anonymous at the top of the comments, your list is right on. Here in Vancouver USA, if I stop in at a local convenience store to buy a can of beer, I have to show my ID. I really don't mind, but I am 77 and look every day of those years, and I have to show my ID to the clerk. But if I go to the voting polls I don't need ID at all. That is just plain bullshit.


Anonymous said...

I believe those numbers are right on. I want to know what the numbers are with the Jews. Polling under 90% with blacks? He's going to get his ass kicked.


Anonymous said...

Expect massive voter fraud but that only works in close elections.

God Bless the Electoral College!

Freddie Sykes

Anonymous said...

I was just contacted by my state RNC. They are asking for volunteers to call the reg voter list "to identify the republicans". I asked if I was also vetting for false registrations. I was told that was a side benefit.

In a state with more votes than Voters...They remember Dino Rossi and aren't going to let that happen again.

Sign me up.


Alear said...

I'm hearing that the Dem GOTV folks are having a hard time finding the black voters on their lists. Blacks were a high percentage of people who got foreclosed in the past few years.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

That is just - so ironic!

leelu said...


What state??

Anonymous said...


cmblake6 said...

I so totally agree with the requirement to positively identify yourself, I think we should require retinal scans and DNA tests at the polling station before the vote is cast!

Linda said...

How about giving voters a choice?

You want to vote?


Show a photo ID, or

(a) dip your left index finger in indelible ink

(b) give the poll worker your fingerprints - we'll put them into a database of voters, and check before letting anyone vote - the portable machines are cheap and easy to use. BTW, we WILL check against databases of non-Americans (visitors and illegals) and felons.

Don't like that? Bring a freaking ID next time.

Anonymous said...

Linda, maybe perhaps simpler would be to have a picture taken at the time you voted, and then note personal details, such as name and address. No one should be bothered if they are snapped when they deposit their ballot, right? Then run all the pics through a recognition program and any duplicates will get a heavy fine, some jail time, and be barred from ever voting again. Do this once, and the picture taken at the polls can be compared with those on file.
We don't need picture id, we'll just take your picture.
I know this is fanciful and kind of big brotherish, but I'd settle for purple thumbs if requiring reasonable ID is not allowed.
Here in GA, they requested my drivers license, and scanned the code imprinted on the backside to access my personal information from some database or the information is encoded into the image on the backside. Picture ID is available at no cost here. They even drove a mobile office around to provide the service in rural areas.

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