Friday, October 19, 2012

Salt that Wound- Salt that Wound!

Oh My


Anonymous said...

I would caution the same Republicans who were ready to eat a gun with the same poll a month ago that according to Joe Trippi (Who I happen to like even if he is a DemocRAT) all these gains were in the South & while it sounds good, if Alabama goes from 60% Romney to 99% Romney, it doesn't move the electoral needle according to Rush yesterday.

Time to be ever vigilant. Early voting opened in NC yesterday & more people voted the first day than when teh One was running the first time. Both campaigns have abandoned the state to Romney.

p.s. Obama left the convention in Charlotte owing 10 million dollars. I told them to get a deposit.


TimO said...

Gallup polls only consider one person/one vote.
Democrats don't always play by those rules.

Alear said...

Interesting that Jill Biden is heading to Minnesota tomorrow. Granted it is just the second lady, but sending that kind of star power to Minnesota of all places this late in the game can't bode well for how the Dems are reading their polls. That state should have been well in their pocket by now.

Anonymous said...

I'd have told the folks in Charlotte to get cash at the cattleguard, 'twere I asked. That's payment in advance, for all the non-oil field trash in the audience.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

And Gallup doesn't call dead people, or cartoon characters, or family pets.
PvtCdr(SS) MichigammeDave

Anonymous said...

Dick Morris had an interesting observation. All the $'s have been spent in the "battleground" states to poison the well on Romney. Once the people in the 'near to battleground' states saw RR without any D filter-added features, i.e., horns, tails, blood from babies dripping ...
They, in MN, MI, PA, WI, saw some real nice gentlemen who were acceptable replacements... They like what they saw, and are amenable to voting R this time.

Skoonj said...

Bob Beckel is suspended.

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