Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drive-by Pumpkin

"They can have my pumpkin when they take it from my hot stiff johnson!" Sondrak

STOCKTON (CBS13) – The hunt is on for the suspects behind a bizarre and brazen attack in Stockton. The dangerous weapon used was a pumpkin.

Police say the woman was pummeled by the pumpkin in a drive-by assault.

Remains of the pumpkin that the suspects threw at a woman can still be seen on the ground. Her injuries were so serious that she had to be rushed to the hospital. [Full]

Sen. Feinstien  to introduce Pumpkin Control legislation?


Alear said...

Oh hey Rodg, welcome to the Big 10. You're running in the tall grass with the big dogs now. WTF's a terrapin anyways?

OSU!!! 12 - 0 OUS!!! 12 - 0 OSU!!!

Anonymous said...

Was she in gourded condition? Glad she wasnt squashed.

Anonymous said...

Key word: Stockton CA

just sayin...


I-RIGHT-I said...

Lucky for her a watermelon wasn't handy.

DougM said...

BOLO: Headless Horseman
(Cultural ref: Sleepy Hollow)

Juice said...

The Di-Fi-Pie law, Rodger. Soon to be introduced.

Yeah. Freak'n Stockton, no surprises there.

Anonymous said...

Terrapin=10 pins.

just doin the math for ya x

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Tune in Tuesday night for a preview of what to expect.

DougM said...

Terrapin: Earth's personal identification number
Terrapin: lapel device to show which planet one is from
No, not sayin' Terrapins are a joke. (Don't have to.)
re: math — tera -> trillion

Esteve said...

At least they aren't called the cooters cause that's a southern turtle.

Anonymous said...

Said I was doin the math, not that I was good with it. Those that know me carry calculators or dont wear gloves or socks.

fingers and toes x

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