Sunday, December 16, 2012

Droning Away Here Boss

TECHNO THRILLS                               


  Wheee!  What a boon to people living under the thumb of cruel dictatorship, wot.  Imagine these in the hands of say North Korean freedom fighters, whose dear leader loves to watch them publicly cow-tow for his pleasure?  Splatt-Paintballed!  Or almost any African continent peoples.  Of course you can be assured that dictatorships are rapidly putting into place the means to more tightly monitor all purchases by the proles.  People not constitutionally protected from their governments with, not only a right to bear arms, but the urging of their Founders to use them against any inevitable government gone-wild.  Thank God that here in the USA we only need use them for recreational purposes, like overflying  nude beaches, or watching Carol Solley get  dressed for cheerleader practice.  No need to worry about Hitlarian tactics here in the. USA!  Someone cue the Beach Boys!

Paint Ball Use Only

Tommy Lee Smith


Alear said...

I know one is supposed to skip past one's first thought, but oh well, hasn't stopped me before.

How much trouble could have been averted were there a score or more of the more dangerous drones applied at Woodstock?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

'Zaxtly. Nuking Woodstaock would have saved the world.

Ralph Gizzip said...

How much fun would that be at a sheep or cattle farm?

K-nine said...

Surely the recoil from a 9mm would make that drone uncontrollable.
Maybe a 22 mag.

Anonymous said...

That one's just for scouting, then you bring in the RC heli firing 3 shot bursts of 12 gauge.


toadold said...

You don't have to confine you ball load to paint. The pepper balls the police use come to mind. Perhaps skunk loads. Flame balls?

Anonymous said...


4GW says a flock of cheap throwaway drones used to crash and burn expensive Fed drones wins.

Oops. Now I'm on a list.

rickn8or said...

awm, wouldn't that be a gas for duck hunting??

Anonymous said...

I was thinking a radio controlled jet, they're about three feet long or so. Fill it with C-4 and a detonator, and maybe a big spike at the front. Try to impale the target, or someone nearby trying to protect him, then blow it up. Also has the advantage of leaving very little evidence. Certainly a good tool for assassins, might do well against tanks, could get over a wall and into a closed canton.

That helicopter looks like somebody with a skeet gun could take it out in a heartbeat. Also have to aim.

Wabano said...

If you want any payload, better add a human...

Remember that contra Piper Aztec($50,000) with a couple .50cal
sitting where the co-pilot used to...gave a lot of hell to the
crypto-Obamunist Sandinistas.
(Long range plus a ton of ammo!)

Wabano said...

Now, I done it, after seizing your guns, Obama-Bloomberg will seize your little plane!

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