Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wounded Warriors in Bad Hands?

                      —   you cowardly berk.   

Tom Gresham, the host of the Gun Talk radio program, said on his show that the Wounded Warrior Project declined to be on his Veterans Day program because they “will not be associated with anything related to firearms.”

Update- Wounded Warrior backpedals, to appear on Gun Talk Radio Sunday

Evidently Leslie A. Coleman thought she was the public affairs director for Project Runway. A trip to the woodshed straightened  things out.

Marc Miller feels better now. 


Anonymous said...

...WWP CEO lied and denied did a perfect impersonation of a overpaid Dem Pol. They are done within most of the gun industry.


toadold said...

There are now questions about how the money is handled by WWP. They are really starting to smell.

caplight45 said...

Totally without a clue here but I also know that over time not-for-profits and philanthropies tend to drift left even if they didn't start there. Was the WWP a left-leaning organization, has it drifted left or is Ms. Coleman an idiot (who may be quietly purged)? It also makes me wonder who else they are allied with in the N-f-P world.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I am listening to today's Gun Talk podcast as I read this. I have been following this for a couple of weeks since Mr. Gresham's first incident with WWP. I found their CEO's interview on the show to be both disrespectful and insincere. We, too have tried to raise money for the WWP and have been met with the same attitude. Please don't stop giving to wounded vets org's, but perhaps carefully reconsider where you're sending your money.

toadold said...

I've had good luck with Soldier Angels. There are probably others also.

RIP_USA said...

"“Our position regarding firearms and alcohol is in response to the struggles that many injured service members face with substance abuse and suicide and the roles those items often play in those issues.” ???? Better shield them from ropes, knives, pills, plastic bags, heights, etc, etc, etc then. WWP, you REALLY ARE run by a bunch of pansy MOONBATS

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