Monday, January 30, 2012

A fortunate misunderstanding ,,,

"This is hard," panted Ben.  "Take it Jen."



Sometimes it's necessary to see the pictures—   when you pass through the room while Grammy is reading to the grandson. 

A Brave Responder

Oh The Humanity                        
"Good for her - glad to see that at least someone is willing to stand up for their beliefs."
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More protection for us, Yayyyyy


Formetly "Der Polizei Video├╝berwachung Lkw namens The Peacemaker"

That Awkward Moment When

That Awkward Moment When ....
When what?


Another atheist bore feels affronted; sues

            —   Yes, berk

Rhode Island School Prayer
Jessica Ahlquist, a 16 year-old Rhode Island atheist and Harry Potter freak, says her personal  space was violated.  She won a suit banning peanuts perfume- cigars- her school's prayer poster.  Now,  I know that many of you will say she exemplifies the original meaning of a berk.  You may very well think that, but I could not possible say that word here.

Yes, I know.  But Madalyn Murray O'Hair was sixteen once too.  [Story]
A True Berk

Another NY Liberal Slimebag Story, *YAWN*

When Liberals Are In Charge


Alan Rosenfeld — a 66-year-old disgraced typing teacher — hasn’t taught since he was accused of making  inappropriate comments and leering at 8th grade girls in 2001, but still collects $100,049 a year from the city, the New York Post reports.

Rosenfeld, a millionaire businessman and attorney, could have retired at 62 but, a friend told the Post, “It’s an F-U” to the school system. And every year he stays onboard, his $85,400 yearly pension grows by another $1,700.

His case is one of seven in the New York City Department of Education, where teachers the department can’t fire are “rubber-roomed” — essentially meaning they don’t do any real work but keep getting paid.

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On the other hand, it's what New Yorkers deserve.

Alan Rosenfeld child molester and liberal cheat

I know. McQueen's tennis ball would have rotted

You know you're  old when ...
archaeologists dig up artifacts from your own lifetime

Tunnel back in time: Revealed after 67 years,
the passage used in Great Escape
Not really McQueen's tennis ball. That would have rotted.

Only three made it back to Britain. Another 50 were executed by firing squad on the orders of Adolf Hitler, who was furious after learning of the breach of security.

In all, 90 boards from bunk beds, 62 tables, 34 chairs and 76 benches, as well as thousands of items including knives, spoons, forks, towels and blankets, were squirreled away by the Allied prisoners to aid the escape plan under the noses of their captors.

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 It rankles Brits that us Yanks get too much credit for winning their war, so I love that the Daily Mail's account includes this:

Although the movie might  suggest otherwise, no Americans were involved in the actual operation. Most were British and the others were from countries including Canada, Poland and Australia.

So, how do they explain Steve McQueen?  Huh?


Famoust last lines

The 10 best last lines - in pictures
As Casablanca turns 70, we select the finest movie pay-offs


It's famously known that The Guardian newspaper are wrong about everything, and so too their picks for "The 10 best last lines - in pictures."  But— an easy way to begin another week of chronicling Barry Soetoro's reign of error and fraud.