Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ghetto Hikes

I'm 28.  I have a full time job leading urban kids
on nature hikes. I simply write down shit they say.




                          Somebody gimme some toast.
              This tree leakin' Smuckers out the side."

     Tim W

Top 10 Stupidest HOPES

  1. Obama hopes to ride auto bailout to reelection
  2. Luke Fickell hopes to ride OSU record to new contract as head coach
  3. Ted Bundy hopes to ride job defending himself to law degree
  4. Ed Wood hopes to ride Glen or Glenda to Academy Award
  5. George McClellan hopes to ride war record to White House
  6. Sox pitcher John Lackey hopes to ride 2011 season to Hall of Fame
  7. Michelle Obama hopes to ride fashion sense to top "Best Dressed" ranking
  8. Ford hopes to ride new Edsel to record earnings
  9. Henry Tudor hopes to ride church reforms to sainthood
  10. Adolf Schicklgruber hopes to ride art school to fame and fortune

"I Lied To My Diary" Legacy


Josh Steiner DNC Poster Boy
  Future Democrat Party Poster Boy Josh Steiner, in 1994

Joshua Steiner, 28, chief of staff at the Treasury Department, kept a diary in which he recorded devastating things about his bosses.

He wrote how the White House put "intense pressure" on Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman to remain in a position that could protect the White House.

Then he wrote how Altman "gracefully ducked" Senate questioning on the matter, even though Altman was under oath.

Steiner also wrote: "Every now and again you watch a disaster unfold and seem powerless to stop it."

So why does any of that make Steiner, a Yale graduate and Rhodes scholar, stupid?

Because when asked in the Senate Whitewater hearings how he could now attempt to backtrack, his excuse was "I lied to my diary." [Account]

I remember,  like it was yesterday,  watching  Senate Watergate hearing witnesses escape charges of perjury as Sen. Paul Sarbanes deftly prodded them into more obscure "I don't remember" testimony.

I remember,  like it was yesterday, watching Senate Democrats under the direction of Sen. John Glenn, change the Senate hearing into the Clinton-Gore campaign's money laundering racket,  into a call for campaign finance reform.  For his services, Glenn had several million dollars in campaign debt paid off, and got another ride into space.  But, he lost his soul.

 I remember,  like it was yesterday, the gleeful  anticipation with which Washington's  press corp awaited  Harold Ickes running rings around  Rep. Dan  Burton's committee that was investigating Al Gore's Buddhist nun money laundering scheme.   He did—  by simply pulling a Josh Steiner; He lied about  his own documents. Why not?  He knew Janet Reno would never refer a House perjury charge to a federal court. He was praised for his skillful performance.

 I remember,  like it was yesterday, because it was,  reading about Eric Holder's  (Janet Reno Jr,) coming appearance before the same House Oversight Committee.  This time they are  investigating him, and the president.  Investigating their   scheme to get guns into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.  Why?  So that ensuing murders,  committed using those guns,  would be blamed on America's lax gun laws.  So that Democrats could move to disarm Americans.   Ranking member, and Second Amendment foe Elijah Cummings (D MD)   "released a 95 page waste of paper and taxpayer money report, alleging that top Justice Department officials did not authorize the program, despite evidence showing otherwise."  

America can no longer win a war, or control its borders if  today's elected Democrats have any say in it.  Nor can we return to the Rule of Law  if they can help it.  They are, simply,  a plague. 

(Note)  This began as a proper rant.  Proper rants must be ripped off in one breath, and this was.  All of it in one long sentence.  Unfortunately I had to make dinner, and in the intervening time succumbed to spell checkers, punctuation, and links.  Sorry.  Ain't worth warm spit now, but trust me.  I was livid. . 

What Democrats Do

Thanks Barry


Gas Price - Watergate (DC) Exxon
Watergate Exxon (D.C.) 1-31-2012

Not Keeping It Real

Poor Production Values


  1. Nintendo is not turned on
  2. Two people playing Mario Bros.
  3. Mario Bros cartridge is on the table
  4. One of the kids is adopted
  5. Father secretly wants to be a woman
  6. Woman is not in the kitchen

      Joe S

Making Do With What God Gave You

Making Do
Why a Lady always wears gloves in Teh City...



The Bashful Schoogirl

At The Cinema

The Japanese Keep it Real


    Leslie T

Light Sabre Attack

  1. President Obama campaigns in Portland
  2. Man held after alleged 'Star Wars' light saber assault at Portland Toys R Us



A 9-1-1 caller reported the attack at 9:50 p.m. Wednesday and said a man was swinging the "Star Wars"-style weapons at customers inside the store at 1800 Jantzen Beach Center, said Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Though police initially reported the man  struck the customers with one lightsaber, Simpson said Thursday he had one saber in each hand

While the caller was still on the phone the man walked out of the store — lightsabers in hand — toward the parking lot, police said.

Officers tried to arrest him, but he kept swinging the lightsabers at them, Simpson said. One officer tried to use his Taser but the device didn't work.

Another officer used his Taser, but
  the man  knocked one of the wires away with a lightsaber.


Good Morning


I'm Feeling GOOD!



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