Thursday, February 02, 2012

New improved PBM&Lettuce

Today's Culinary Tip


Peanut butter, lettuce and mayo

A very good alternative the the peanut butter, lettuce, and mayonnaise sammich is using a nice fresh, supple wheat tortilla instead of bread.  You're welcome.

"... and they'll thank government."

Perfect Gizmos and Gadgets

Phone Ap Lets Citizens Alert Authorities When
They See Wrongdoing. 
Instant picture and GTP coordinates


Montgomery C. Bama

The application would be especially useful for high school and college students, who often find themselves walking back from class late at night, or the victim of hazing, bullying, or drug use. What is key about is that it empowers the average citizen, ordinary bystanders, to report crime instead of ignoring it.

Pahlevani tells us to take a moment to think about the number of crimes that go unreported. “Often people are witness to crimes, such as sexual assault and robbery, but do not take the time or effort to call the police. [Full]

Please sir, may I have another?

A pProblem and a Solution

Attack Monkey Media             
The Obama Defense Team 



Anybody who thinks that we can nominate somebody who is not going to be the focus of a media-destruction campaign is asinine,” Limbaugh said today, as he analyzed Mitt Romney’s strong victory over Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul in the Florida Republican Primary.

Whoever we nominate is who the campaign is going to be about, the election. It’s not gonna be about Obama. The media can’t let it be about Obama. If it’s about Obama, he’s sunk! It’s gonna have to be about what a reprobate racist, sexist, mean-spirited, heartless creep the Republican is. And I don’t care who the nominee is. It’s gonna be about that. [Rush Limbaugh]

Which was exactly the case in 1996, and again 2008.   There is a way this can be controlled. During the 2008 silly season, for instance, Howard Kurtz (Wa Post) wrote:

Media coverage of John McCain has been heavily unfavorable since the political conventions, more than three times as negative as the portrayal of Barack Obama, a new study says.

The FCC could, by fiat (or, congress by legislation), say this.  Media news stories will be treated like paid commercials. So, for example,  if there were 900,000 minutes of media coverage, and 600,000 was  pro Obama, the collective media would be fined 150,000 minutes( the advantage Obama was given) *the going  advertising rate.   In this case, media would've been  compelled to give the McCain campaign (in weekly installments)  that sum of cash to use in counter advertising.  I'll guess the McCain campaign would have received about $3 billion in 2008.  This all makes sense to me, so it must be right. 

Sponge Bob??

Sponge Worthy?



Wrong,  on so many(4)levels.

Dentist gag


Don't you hate it when ...



Don't you hate it when, just before he fills your cavity, and your mouth is all full of stuff that's making you gag anyway, he asks what you did on vacation, or something?

Winter Hummingbirds WTF

Hummingbirds spotted.
In Maryland
In January

Rufous Hummingbird.

MoSup was at the bird store and the owner told her about a hummingbird feeding in the Annapolis area.  Like now.  "We didn't believe the stories, so we went there, and sure enough there is a (Rufous) hummingbird feeding in Edgewater"  Still, I had to look into this myself.  Truthfully, I was somewhat— alarmed is not the right word, but learning that western hummers are migrating east had me wondering, what do they know?" Here's one explanation.

Borchelt suspects his rufous may stick around longer. “What I think is happening,” he says, “is that birds from the Canadian Rockies go east across the Plains on fall migration (instead of down the eastern side of the Sierra) and find patches of resources where they hang out for the season. For rufous, winter here isn’t that much different from early spring in the Rockies—they’re really hardy little birds.”

“There’s an emerging consensus that ‘vagrant’ hummingbirds [those that winter outside traditional ranges] are some kind of genetic ‘scouts’ programmed to prospect for likely winter habitat,” adds Borchelt. “Mine seems to have hit pay dirt. She may have moved in for the season . . . as long as I keep the feeder unfrozen!”

If for some reason (ahem) the internets and electronic broadcasting should be interrupted, I know that I will find ample entertainment watching our grandchildren (before they get too old) and our birds, of which we have hundreds (birds, not chillens)  that make our yard "home."  Winter hummers would be a real treat.  Now, if we can somehow get bluebirds and orioles ... .


Life imitating art



Obama and what's his name ...

You'd think the best and the brightest would be beyond Mr. Obama's crude populist pitch. You of course would be wrong.

In the days after his Washington lecture, Mr. Obama took a shorter version of his SOTU speech on the road—to Colorado, Michigan, Iowa, Nevada and Arizona, states he needs in November. On the White House website, you can see him give this campaign tuneup speech at the new, $5 billion Intel chip-fabrication plant in Chandler, Ariz. It's worth watching and pondering. You'd think the best and the brightest would be beyond Mr. Obama's crude populist pitch. You of course would be wrong. [Obama's Maddening, Winning Speech]

A 4 minute audio  clip from the documentary "The Russian Revolution in Color" - FWIW, iot appears Lenin needed a "teleprompter" too.