Saturday, March 10, 2012

Solar Spray

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Solar-Powered Fountain Pump Kit
(was for $19.99 + free shipping)

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I bought this from Deals Woot a few weeks ago.  Simple as simple can be.  There's no battery storage, so when there\'s no sun, no fountain.  When the sun hits it, 3 seconds later it sprays.  Brighter the sun, higher the spray.  MoSup saw this in the bird store for $63.00. I tried to order another one, but the site shuts down after the Deal is over.

Better Red (State) Than Dead

I generalize.  A lot.  I'm sure to have left the impression that I think all Democrats are anti-American.  Well, actually they are, sort of.  Not purposely, or because they're stupid.  Well, actually they are stupid, but only  because self imposed ignorance allows them to behave stupidly,  by not allowing their brains to override their ideologies,  and accept that all elected Democrats are ideologically wired liars.  And that this Obama government are NAZI II. 
On 7 March 2012, backed up by Obama sycophant Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Obama Dictatorship’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (video) advised the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Obama Administration had no responsibility to even consult Congress in matters of waging war.  Panetta said, however, as a courtesy they would be informed.  He further stated that the Obama administration would now seek “international permission” (which he said included NATO and the United Nations) for any of Obama’s war adventures overseas.  General Dempsey (apparently looking for a UN job) said that his “authority” for making this determination was to look toward “an international legal basis.”

As Senator Sessions asked both men questions, never once did either Panetta or Dempsey even mention-in-passing the US Constitution as having any bearing—let alone legal basis—in their decisions at all.  For those leftist doubters, watch the video cited below in its entirety.  As Sen. Sessions said, their comments are truly “breathtaking.”

[Canada Free Press Continued]

A little shrill, perhaps, but it's time to be effing shrill over what's happening.  I see that Newt Gingrich, maybe because he has a historian's sense of things,  is calling for Panetta's resignation. He's pretty much alone. 

 Right now Obama is trying, or it damned well looks like he's trying,  to incite civil unrest before the November election.  He will  spend one $Billion dollars +, and use every voter fraud trick in his kit to secure reelection.  The killer is, he's so godamned transparent about his intentions.  Arrogantly so. Do you think Russians wanted Putin back in power?  No way, but too bad. Putin did what Obama is attempting to do.

Democrat voters must vote this Fall with the nation's (and their) interest foremost in mind.   Even if it means a Republican president.  This time Better Red Than Dead makes sense.

Yes, but how insensitive of you

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Beer Bottle Snack Tray

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Can We Make A  Polish Joke Here?

Commie snipers

could our girlshooters compete?
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I said girlshooters, not girl's hooters

I'll guess that most of you will be reminded of Enemy at the Gates, the four-star movie about Commie v. Nazi snipers at Stalingrad. Which movie is illustrative of something else;  Stalin's ruthlessness.

In this film, and many others, much is made of the brutal nature of  fighting  in Stalin's army. Every unit had a political officer standing in the rear during battle.  If a comrade wavered in the slightest, he shot him dead.  The Russian soldier then performed admirably as cannon fodder; facing probable death from then superior Germans, over certain death from behind.  Stalin was ruthless (indeed), but the Russians held their own  against a German army, then  vastly superior.  He won. 

Not many are aware of how George Washington treated deserters.  Once, an entire company of deserting mutineers were  captured.  He ordered the officers shot, and  men from their unit to be the firing squad.  When at first they fired over their fellow's heads, he warned that they would join the condemned if they missed a second time.  They didn't.  He won.

  Tom Smith


Good Mourning

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