Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Robo Mop

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Robomop Follow-up
(Stuff that works)

I bought this deal from WOOT! last July for $19.95.  It worked, and still does.  Yesterday I sanded a patch of floor before staining it. Dust every where.  I sprayed a little Johnson floor cleaner on the paper mop and turned it loose. The audio is set way high, because I can't hear it at all in actual practice, except if bumps into something.  Plus, my granddaughter had a ball chasing after it.  Mark it STUFF THAT WORKS.

Calling Dr. Putin ... Calling Dr. Ayers

That's What I See

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Coupla Drudge Headlines this week brought  an old prediction to mind.
  1. SHOCK PHOTOS: Obama, Thin And Wasting Away... ^
  2. 25 Secret Service agents... ^
After his [s]election in 2008, I immediately made a case for Obama being a Manchurian Candidate president, installed by a cabal that certainly included Bill Ayers.  Nothing else could explain it. And it's even more apparent now that this was the case.  I then posited that if  the day comes when Obama becomes a liability to the "cause," they'll remove him.  The most obvious method being via the long rifle, or the snub nose.  The Shock Photo stories set me to thinking however; what about Jack Ruby-ing him? Inoculating him with fast acting cancer cells? 

Then the Secret Service thing happened, and I thought coup? (but just for a second, same as you).    But wait!  That wouldn't be a method the  Cabal™ (now it's official) would use to remove Obama— but the threat of a coup would  be excuse enough for Obama to declare a national state of emergency, and impose a total lockdown under powers he gave himself.  The important question:  Are they capable of it?  That's right.

Hey, don't blame me for thinking like this.  Blame the Cabal™

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The New Sunday Sex
Res Ipsa Loquitur

Rick Santelli on

The Father of the Teaparty ...

... attempts to do what thousands before have tried and failed.  Make liberals understand that in a free economy 1+1 can =3, but 2-1 can mean 0.  Don't hold your breath.