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the 'Reconquistadors'

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We are and have been caught up in a maelstrom of a heavy dose of MISDIRECTED PAYBACK as we whites pay for the sins of those who kept black slaves centuries ago here in our country. If you don't think that's enough, fasten your seat belts because on another front, the 'Reconquistadors' to our Southern border also are getting their day in U.S. courts and in the press ... as seen almost daily in the news.

One of the problems is that all news is not proportionally reported, as proven by this story NOT being on 'page one' as it ought. This story absolutely deserved national recognition.

However, I reckon that this is part and parcel of the fallout of MISDIRECTED PAYBACK, payback that every white person living in this day and age had absolutely nothing to do with. The slave-owning whites of long ago might deserve this payback, but not present day whites.

To this news article

HATE CRIME....100 Black Teens Beat Up White Couple

Or, as  Thomas Sowell put it ...

Spinning history ...  to further a political agenda based on myth is not giving back anything. Rather it's taking, stealing, from the richness of our cultural heritage which, though far from perfect, has given the world a country of unlimited opportunity.

Horatio's Drive

Horatio's Drive

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Not that I've even for an instant thought I knew about everything, but I am still surprised by stories of significant achievement in the USA that I knew nothing about.  Horatio Nelson Jackson 's drive across the United States in 1903 is one such example. 

Horatio spent $8,000 of his own money (in 1903 dollars) to win a $50 bet.  Coincidentally,  the Packard car company had been planning just such a trip for ages, and two sponsored Packards left San Francisco not long after Jackson, who was driving a used Winton touring car.  There is then some actual excitement involved, not to mention incredible hardship that would have stopped a lesser man.  A Ken Burns deal.  USA UAS USA!  It's who we were, and will be again after we get rid of Democrats.

I think you can watch it here, and certainly on NetFlix.

Oh, today?  BMW sued by California man over bike-induced erection

The Official Voice of the Democrat Party Makes Sound

The Staggeringly Stupid Debbie Wasserman
Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Accuses GOP of 'Making Sure That We Would Redefine Rape'

I think the agenda of the Republican Party and of Mitt Romney has clearly been--and can be interpreted as--an attack on the issues that matter to women, the definition of forceable rape

Condi? Stab Me In The Freaking Liver!

Brett Stephens has so hacked into my psyche, leastwise here,  that ... that I hope he understands crochet or plays the Zither so I get some osmosissy trade-offs.

Did you loathe and detest the Bush administration? If so, you'd probably say its ideas were horrible and their execution worse. Did you not loathe and detest the Bush administration? In that case, you (me) might say its ideas were pretty good—only the execution often left something to be desired.

Now the person who did much of the executing tops a list of names to be Mitt Romney's running mate.

Guess who?

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Dear Dad ...

Sorry to bother you dad ...

Res Ipsa Loquitur

...  but I thought you and your pals might be interested in what's been going on since you left.  Pass this around to your buddies, it pretty much sums things up,   Hugs to grams and gramps and mom and Dan, and Aunt Bea, etc.  See you soon. Sheesh, can you believe it?  Barb says hi too.

May Day protests

.And yet activists acknowledge the threat to illegal immigrants may be stronger than ever ... .

What? Oh , you wouldn't know this,  but May Day is not like when you were a kid.  Girls in white dresses frolicking around in the corn fields, or something.  Today it's celebrated by people like what dropped that mortar round on you.  They're called socialists, communists, progressives; what you used to call Nazis and fascists and democrats. Belay that.  Tell gramps that democrats have changed, and are not like what he knew.  Today they're monsters and liars. He would never vote for one. 

Breaking News over and over and over again

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden
by Ulsterman on April 30, 2012 with 26 Comments in News

White House Insider: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden

"What Valerie Jarrett, and the president, did not know is that Leon Panetta had already initiated a program that reported to him –and only him, involving a covert on the ground attack against the compound."

H/T DonM

This is the crap that drives us  mad about the media refusal to report negatively on Obama, or the Democrtat Party for that matter.  Of a sudden this story (of necessity) is all over the place as breaking news. Here's some more breaking news. Obama's a liar. All elected Democrats are liars.  The media are criminally useless. It's why we can't have nice things.