Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama, Israel's BFF

The Tsuris Hubris
Barack Obama is the best thing Israel has going for it right now. Why is that so difficult for Netanyahu and his American Jewish allies to understand?
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The last time Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu shared each other’s company, you could say that the encounter did not go well—if by “not well” you mean abysmally. This was on May 20, the day after Obama gave his big speech on the Arab Spring, in which he unleashed a tsunami of tsuris by endorsing the use of Israel’s 1967 borders “with mutually agreed [land] swaps” as the basis for a two-state solution with the Palestinians. Obama and Netanyahu were seated in the Oval Office for what was supposed to be one of those photo ops devoted to roasting rhetorical chestnuts about the solidity of the U.S.-Israel alliance. Instead, while Obama watched silently, looking poleaxed, Netanyahu lectured him—for seven and a half minutes, on live television—about the folly, the sheer absurdity, of suggesting Israel ever return to what he called the “indefensible” 1967 lines.
[John Heilemann cont]

My morning began with some schmuck at the SF Chron telling me that Jummy Carter "has been an exceptional former president."  Nothing could top that, right?  Wrong. "Barack Obama is Israel's best friend" just did.   I mean wtf, Jews are not inner city Blacks, who can be manipulated like Play-Doh by phony minister overseers to vote 95% D. What?  Well yeah, but you know what I mean.   This Drudge story is accurate, and everyone knows it.
Iran boasts USA (Obama) has
abandoned Israel...

WTF is going on?  Obama announcing for Gay marriage, like there's a popular groundswell supporting it?  Eric Holder prosecuting Sheriff Joe for cracking down on illegal Mexican aliens?  Oh yeah, that's what America wants to hear.  Can anyone be this stupid, or is there something we don't know?  Something I can't even imagine? If not, Obama and the Democrats are looking very much like burnt  toast.
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Some call it lazy ...

                                                              —   you berk.   

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Over the past couple of weeks I've let a lot of blog things slip, like reading mail and visiting sites and communicating with anyone.  The e-mail is so stacked that I'm actually fearful of walking into the mail room, but don't stop.   If it's really good say "read this you berk."   None of this has anything to do with anybody.  In the olden days, before I matured, I just announced I was quitting blogging,  and then come back later, tail betwixt legs.  This time I'm just riding it out. 

Social Intercourse

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Social Intercourse

Sexual intercourse is all pretty much the same however

"After my election ... ."

Everything in one minute

Don M

Sorry Godwin, but ...

Sorry Godwin, but Obama is Hitler

Romney Donor Finds Out What it Means to Be on President Obama‘s ’Enemies List’

Team Obama “named and shamed” eight private citizens for donating to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, The Blaze reported two weeks ago.

Frank VanderSloot, one of the eight men detailed by the president’s “Truth Team,” is discovering what it means to be on a president’s “enemies list.”

The vaunted "Nixon enemies list" was nothing more than an internal White House document listing names of people who should never be seated next to the president at White House functions, if they were in fact invited.  Would you let any of these people share your toilet, let alone dinner table? 

Obama's enemies list is, and has been used to identify private citizens (like Joe the Plumber, who just last year was even denied an open-to-the-public White House tour) ) who the martinet in out White House wants to punish.  This is intolerable. Or ought to be.  Barack Obama is the new Hitler.


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Democrats for Obama

LOL- idiots can't even count right 

Florida investigation reveals 180,000 non-citizens may be registered to vote

Who are these people?

This is what I been talking about ...

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I was avoiding writing this morning, and instead of cleaning my desk or sharpening pencils, I did a little calculating and figured out that on September 6th or so of this year (give or take a day or two, because of the various leap years) Jimmy Carter will have lived longer since LEAVING office than any other president in history.
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Right now, Herbert Hoover holds the record at 31 years, 7 months and 16 days.

That Carter should achieve this record — which I expect and hope he will — is especially providential, in that he has been an exceptional former president.  [alien maximuim strength dick named Mick]

Well, Jummy has been  exceptional So too the SF CHRON.  Don't make me say it.


11 million words

La la la la la .....

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In just a tad over 2ns I concocted no less than eleven story lines that might explain this picture.  Actually writing them would take hours, so do your own blinking.