Friday, June 08, 2012

Afscme (HAD) 62,218 dues-paying members in Wisconsin

Today's satisfying sex without the dirty bits

Sex without the dirty bits

By the way, the single most interesting number in the whole race was 28,785. That is how many dues-paying members of the American Federation of State, County and Municiple Employees were left in Wisconsin after Mr. Walker allowed them to choose whether union dues would be taken from their paychecks each week. Before that, Afscme had 62,218 dues-paying members in Wisconsin. There is a degree to which public union involvement is, simply, coerced.  [Peggy Noonan]

Pelosi- Obamacare is a "right!"

                     Pelosi— you stupid berk.  

                               Obamacare Is ‘A Right’

Pelosi made her statement that Obamacare is a “right” in response to a reporter who asked her about a CBS News/New York Times poll that showed 41 percent of Americans want the Supreme Court to overturn the law in its entirety while another 27 percent want the Supreme Court to throw out the individual mandate and keep the rest of the law.

And this too, you carbunkled berk!


“Why do you think that is and what does  that say in terms of the chance that the Supreme Court will strike it down?” the reporter asked Pelosi.                       

“Well, I'm very proud of the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi responded. “I think that the understanding of it has been jeopardized by misrepresentations that have been put out there relentlessly largely by the industries that have--I shouldn't say not benefited because everybody benefits from this health care bill--but who ... STOP IT YOU- YOU SOW! [Obamacare Is ‘A Right’]

I got sidetracked thinking about how many truly reprehensible democrat women I've suffered over the years.  It's an endless exercise however.

Bad Bad Edurats

Today's Commencement Speech


I love being hated. And if you don’t think I’m hated then you haven’t read my most recent rating on For those too lazy to click the link (that means liberals), I’ve reprinted the latest rating below:

“I hate this guy on a personal level. He is a hyper-conservative homophobic a**hole. I disagree with his beliefs in every way and have never in my life had a professor or teacher I disliked more. I have to admit he's a good professor as far as covering course material in a clear manner, but his class policy is also very strict.”

See I Hate Mike Adams

Wow, there's an actual American still teaching at UNC (Wilmington)?!?  Well, when you attend high schools like this, as so many do today,  Obama becomes a centerist and Ronald Reagan Atilla the Hun. Is there any real cure for this state of affairs?  Let's count the ways. Hey don't blame me.  I wanted to nuke Woodstock.

Lets Count the Ways
Res Ipsa Loquitur

What constitutes a "Green Job?"

       WHAT GUMMINT DOES               +            Green Crap     
Res Ipsa Loquitur
    Those "Green Jobs" the Al Gores are always touting?

Holder's new perjury

"If you're trying to change minds and influence people it's probably not a
good idea to say that virtually all elected Democrats are liars, but what
 the hell." TRKOF&S

Eric Holder
Res Ipsa Loquitur
"Operation Fast and Furious was carried out by the ATF.  It began in the fall of 2009 and continued into early 2011, during which time the federal government purposefully allowed known or suspected gun smugglers to purchase guns at federally licensed firearms dealers in Arizona. The government did not seek to abort these gun purchases, intercept the smugglers after the purchases, or recover the guns they had purchased."

Why? So guns used by Mexican criminals could be traced back to the United States, thus giving the Obamas reason to impose firearm restrictionson us.  That's how evil they are.  I only hope that Holder is impeached before Obama's presidency ends in 2013, so we can enjoy the spectacle of a Democrat senate trying to avoid convicting him.  My schenfreudal sense demands that Holder, and wistfully,  Obama going to prison.

The Hover Car


                TECHNO THRILLS 

The Hover Car
The Chinese are very crever

Clever because they knew we'd know this was fake, because they do not create new technology; they steal it from others, or buy it from corrupt US Presidents.  So, they put a VW badge on it so we'd think they'd stolen it from the Germans. It almost worked you  crever little people.
Tom Mann