Monday, July 02, 2012

California. Again.

Why the Fluck Not?
California bill would let children have more than two parents     

what about three dads, one mom,  and a parrot?

Waht caused Roberts to renege?


Roberts changed vote at last minute ...
Rotting AF1

Intelligence and security experts are outraged at the Clinton administration's probable use of blackmail and susceptibility to it as the Congress fails to investigate.
The Clinton Team and Blackmail

Now we learn that Roberts switched his vote

I'm thinking the same thing most of you are.  Going forward from the commencement of Obamacare hearings,,  there were frequent- if not daily- stories about threats (pressure) being put on the court by Obamunists. 

Rewind to Clinton's impeachment trial in the House.  It is widely believed that Hillary gave her purloined raw FBI files on congressional Republicans  to pornographer Larry Flynt,  who used them to blackmail Republican House members, and most likely Senators (who failed to convict him).  We know that at least three House Republicans, Livingstone, Hyde and Barr refused to submit,  and had past marital infidelities  exposed.

Don't think for a minute that this thug  administration would  not use the same tactics, as I believe they did.   Roberts was found wanting.

 And there was this, from just a few weeks ago (June 21).
Rotting AF1
I am surprised by the 7-2 decision:  I woulda guessed 5-4.  There have been a few more recent rulings the same way,where I was surprised over the libtard vote.  I can't help but worry that there is a quid pro quo at work here — by the liberal justices to gain the deciding vote in Obamacare (which looks like Monday).
I know, silly.

After posting, I felt stupid because I know that justices vote immediately after the oral arguments are finished, so, I thought, what a stupid thing to say. My stupidity had to do with not realizing a justice could change at the last minute. 

iPads and Toasters


Bless me Father for I have ...

Gizmo MF

I have to admit one thing --- our Friday guest stopped in Delaware (no sales tax) and bought some big-ass MAC, that was still in the box— she brought it in so it wouldn't be stolen form the car—  and an iPad. 

Since the iPad came with zero  written directions, she asked me to  figure out how to get out of the "airplane mode" she was stuck in, and hook her up to my wireless.  In the process of learning how to do all this (first one I'd held in my grubby little hands) I became envious.  There was a day when I'd have been first on the block to own one, but those days are gone.  Right now I just want a fricken toaster that will toast a bagel in less than 3 minutes, and the muscles to chop wood at a decent rate.

Out of the darkness

TECHNO CHILLS                                

A Great Adventure (*cough)

Rotting AF1

Without further explanation I lost everything computer I've done for the past year.  Passwords.  E-mail. What's galling is that I did everything right, but Microsoft failed.   So yeah, it sucks, but I'll look at it like doing another crossword puzzle (I did a dozen during the dark).  A new adventure, akin to parachuting into occupied California—  with no suitcase nukes.

Here's a random experience from the dark time..  For the first time in ages I listed to C-Span radio on my short wave.  WTF  happened to that once fine service.  Every time I tuned in there was some democrat  blabbing on as though not a person in the world would call in and spank them with facts.  I guess, because none did.  Not once.  Oh, there were callers, but all more radical then the guest, and that's something when you consider the two that drove me the most insane were some Jersey Rep. named Rob Andrews??, and then Henry Waxman. I had to leave.

Here's my quandary.  I believe acts committed in the heart and mind carry the metaphysical weight of being actually committed.  I am then a mass murderer several times over this weekend.  I found comfort in sending Stalin-like numbers straight to hell.  I'm hoping that by confessing here,  I will get some credit for contrition on the Big Day.  Like, I meant it in the good way.