Friday, July 13, 2012

Bumper Sticker

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Taken at a stop light so as to not endanger others...

Portable DD Case

About the price of a Big Mac and Fries ...

Here's another Woot thing that finally paid for itself.  Bought over three years ago, I just now used it to transport files from my old crapped out computer.  But here's why I really loved it.  It was 100% intuitive.  I snapped in the drive, plugged in the power hose, the USB 2.0 wire, and Bingo!  Just like that.  In fact it's so good that I'm on the lookout for a cheap 1T drive to use use for backups.  Woot!-Woo!

Pumpkin Cookery Tin

Pumpkin Rose T-Bread
Krusty Morsels

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MoSup will be returning from the sea-side resort tomorrow.  As is my wont, I wanted to have a surprise for her, aside from all the tiling, spackling and crown molding.  .  Perfect!  This is what I had in mind when I bought this Nordic Ware Rose Bundt Pan from Woot! ($17.95). 

Pumpkin tea bread (remember?)  is the family's all time favorite dessert.  I mean most everyone in the family will request this for a birthday cake.  One problem is, and I won't name Hucker, Loo-Loo and Greeper here, but some relish the outer crust so much that oft times it looks like mice have been into it when it's rolled out.  See all those eskers, dells, dunes and ridges?  I figure the Krusty crust surface area is at least doubled.  And hey, I'm going to use it to make a mashed potato rose and a meatloaf rose, and wow, the fun never ends.

I'm very pleased with myself.

Classic Santelli

Classic Santelli

cuzzin ricky

3 words to save the economy

Tom Mann

More Butt Cracks, Please?

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A "silk out of a sow's ear" thing

He needs a manssiere
Rollover for more excitement

Bain There

It's 2012. Do you know where your politics are?
If this was
duck hunting season, we'd be arrested for seeding the ground.

Bain Capitol Zombies

Does it really matter if Mitt Romney stayed at Bain 3 years longer than he stated? Some people say that you can't be chairman CEO and president of a company and not be responsible for what it does, even if they invested in aborted fetuses. posted by twoleftfeet (99 comments total)
I just discovered this "Meta-Filter" site a few days ago.  It appears that sooner or later you can find all the people who read Kos and Moveon here.  I love these people; they make me feel much smarter than I am.  Anyway, it appears the Obamunists have found this election cycle's Halliburton straw-dog in Bain Capitol.  They better hope it works better than it did against Bush and Cheney.

The Dr. of Fixology and some Brown Shirts


Nothing New Here - Same Old Same Old
Move Along
Since MoSup's down the ocean I've been having to do her house work as well as my computer job.  First, I took the drive out of my bollixed computer and copied all the files before restoring it to brand new.  Aside from disk size (500GB v 2 TB) they are virtually the same.  After I swap her present computer out for the refutb, it will scream.  All she wants is fast, e-mail, and shoppings, basically.  Then I've had to do the dishes, keep the kitchen clean, entertain family droppers-by and take them to the pool, and keep the humming bird and regular feeders stocked, water the lawn and the plants (whoops) , answer the phone and put my own clothes in the hamper. I'll be glad to have her back. 

I have managed to keep myself properly annoyed, if not enraged with stuff like this. 

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In the Ribble video, posted online June 18, his Wisconsin home is filmed from several different angles on a windy day. It's unclear whether anyone was home when the video, which has no sound, was shot. The Renacci video follows the same formula -- straight, raw footage of the congressman's home posted to YouTube.

Democrats are defending the practice. They say the videos of GOP members' homes -- which are generally spacious, nice-looking dwellings -- expose the fact that congressional Republicans used this session to help the wealthy and themselves.

“House Republicans have spent this entire Congress trying to hide that they’re protecting benefits for millionaires and perks for themselves instead of protecting the middle class. [article]

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These people are Obama's brown shirts;  filthy thugs who, given the chance by an Obama second term ...  you know. Here's the proper ending we're all hoping for: