Monday, September 03, 2012

Biden's Chia Hair recovered


Secret Service recovers truck with Biden stuff in Detroit

Meanwhile, in downtown Detroit, booty.

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Victoria Jackson: Commie in the White House

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  • You know. . . this "act" really does LOOK like it was INTENTIONALLY and viscously sarcastic. I decided to look Victoria Jackson up on Wikipedia to find out and quell a nagging doubt. She is really SINCERE about this! So; I have to conclude that she wasn't ever ACTING during her "dumb blonde" routines in her Saturday Night Live Years. She has, somehow, mastered the art of self-parody. It is depressing that she expects anyone to take something this pathetic seriously.

  • If Obama is a Communist, Victoria Jackson is Oscar Wilde.

    Dennis Miller must have been quite a shock to them.  If they've found out yet, that is.

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Ready When You Are Mr. President
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In a surprise move, President Obama delivered his acceptance speech at today's opening of the Democrat National Convention.   "I have a golf date in Maui on Thursday," he explained.

Kidding aside, this is not that much of a stretch.  Brietbart is reporting that Dems may be planning to  Use Trick Photography to Fill Convention Hall

Call it "The Empty Chair Convention."

Rick Klein, Senior Washington Editor of ABC News, just tweeted out this photo of the stage the Democrat convention will be held on (posted above).

As you can see, Klein's photo reveals the screens that will serve as the television backdrop behind whoever's speaking -- and it looks to me as though the Democrats intend to show an artificial sea of faces in order to make the convention hall look a whole lot more fuller than it might be.

If you look closely, they have three tiers of adoring, enraptured Obama-worshippers at the ready should they need them.

There's a lot of talk and concern amongst Democrats and their Media Palace Guards  that for his big acceptance speech Thursday night, President Obama might not be able to fill the Bank of America stadium. [Full]

Biden's Loses His U-Haul

Mr. Bo Bumbles
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It was the end of a campaign, the end of a year of planning and hope. (Humphrey) [t]he first of the seven to be scratched from the list of candidates for the Presidency of the Untied States by the people of the hills. In the morning, when Hubert Humphrey woke, the Presidential image had evaporated.  Outside the Ruffner Hotel his parked bus had been given a ticket for illegal parking. [T
he Making of the President, 1960, Theodore White, pp 113-114]

I was reminded of that forlorn end to Hubert's dreams by this: U-Haul with equipment for Biden event stolen in Detroit.  

Still, Hubert was a victim of  Joe Kennedy Sr.'s contract with the Chicago Mafia to secure the West Virgina win for Jack. One of the most Liberal Democrats of his time, Humphrey would today be called  a conservative. I voted for him in 1968.  Joe Biden is a bumbling socialist clown.  An idiot clown. An evil clown. 

Mr. Scam Man

A catchy little holiday tune

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Republicans Imagine The Day After Obama's Reelection: A GOP Convention Survey

I found this Huff&Puff article condescendingly grating, given the now inevitable massive rejection of Teh One at the polls in November.  Newt's answer, "That's a thought so terrible I can't contemplate it," comes closest to what most of us think.  It's what I would answer, because my real answer—that I would take my arsenal into the mountains and join the Wolverine's in ridding society of the pea-brained, mother fuc—whoa.  I almost said that out loud.
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-or shining our shoes, Bill?

Liberal Racism                             

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Bill Clinton on Obama: 'A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Carrying Our Bags'

Been racking my brain trying to figure out why this old news is suddenly new news? Because I read the quote long ago, and I'll bet so did many of you.  I figured that since the media are loathe to read any source material that might offend them, they simply missed it.  Now that Obama is about to go down, those  asshats are in a hurry to correct the history of their mal-content  Res Ipsa Loquitor.  But, lo!, I couldn't find the quote anywhere. But wait, after fiddling around a bit I found—

Bubba Too? Bill Clinton on Obama: "A Few Years Ago & This Guy Would be Getting Us Coffee"

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, January 9, 2010, 11:09 PM

Substantively the same, so most likely Slick Willy liked the smear so much he told it a lot, changing the punch from time to time.  I'll bet somewhere out there are people who heard him say, "A Few Years Ago & This Guy Would be Shining Our Shoes."