Monday, October 08, 2012

(It'll be Romney v, Clooney, btw)


Res Ipsa Loquitor

2016 Early Voting?  What is this, Seattle?  This is wrong on so many levels that I won't try to enumerate them.  Okay, I will do  this one. correction. Trust me; I know how they think.

NYT - Debate beneath Obama

The world according to derp
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Today's Stuid as Hell "DUH"


MSNBC All-Star Parody

While SNL's parody of the debate was pitiful, their MSNBC All-Star sketch is dead-on.

Mannequin WTF?

Must Eat Brains             
Something WTF?

The natural breast mannequin I can see; or at least I've gotten used to seeing the nipple as a fashion accessories over the years (I thought it scandalous at the time).  But, this (rollover)?   Japan,yes; they're just bananas with everything.  But Korea? What in heaven's name is the rationale for pubed mannequins? 

Gifts from Dear Leaders


              La La La La La

Huff'nPuff today has a post debate page that features the lamest attempts to spin Obama's debate debacle; a very lame SNL parody of the debate, and best of all, a chart showing that— as we speak— Obama is cruising toward an an electoral vote blow-out victory over Romney. Yes, we will have to euthanize all of them one day.  They're almost human, and I don't look forward to it.  Sigh.

Letterman is Insane

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Late night TV host David Letterman has suggested that Mitt Romney is a “felon” because he does not pay income tax, despite the Republican presidential nominee recently releasing IRS documents showing he paid nearly $2 million just in 2011.

"Yeah, we want to get a look at those tax returns because I believe we will discover that the man has not paid a nickel in United States federal income tax," Letterman said. "That’s right, we have a felon running for president." [Full]

This has been sitting on my desk since yesterday morning.  I've been thinking about it.  I know that somewhere in this story is an answer.  An explanation for why the Hollywood left have become so impossibly unhinged—about everything—in the past year.

Meanwhile, a letter from Price Waterhouse Coopers states that Romney paid an average of 20 percent in taxes every year from 1999 to 2009. His 2011 taxes were mostly paid on investment income.

The answer I've settled on, and it's not new, is Statism is the religion of the left, and they are now filled with the religious fervor of Muslums hopped up on holy war rhetoric. They are insane at the thought that either their savior Obama is actually an  incompetent fool of their own creation, or his detractors (us)  are the legions of  anti-Christ followers sent to destroy their world.  The wages of too much butt sex, drugs and Prius smugness. 

On a positive note, there is a decent chance that like the Heaven's Gate cultists, one of their priests (Streisand?, Spielberg?, Sammy Jackson?) will lead them en masse to a Kool-Aid vat. Say Amen.