Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Biden Bear


The first time I remember running into this guy was one morning at National (now Reagan) Airport, about 30years ago.  Just two of us—  strangers— were seated in the  United boarding area having a smoke, and reading stuff.   He comes in and sits down across from us.  And scowls.  ???  As the minutes ticked by he is fidgeting, and obviously getting agitated.   Because I had just lit up, I figured he was an anti-smoker, and I was right.  He stood up and confronted us.

"I'd appreciate it if you two would put out your cigarettes."
One of us asked "why?"
"Because I am bothered by your smoke."
One of us responded, "so move."
"I am not moving.  It is against the law for you to be smoking here!"
Both of us responded by pointing to the "Smoking Area" sign over his head.

He grabbed his stuff and and took off.
We both responded, as one, with "what an asshole."

This guy has reappeared with more frequency over the years, until now the sumbitch is ubiquitous.  We (I)  call him the annoyed, self-entitled, pasty-faced Liberal asshole.  You've all met him.  He's this guy.

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--Chris in NC

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