Monday, October 29, 2012

Surge Watch

Surge Watch

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The storm won't even officially begin until around 8:00 tonight, and power's already flicked off and on three times, so it's inevitable. .  The worst part is that not only do BGE depend on out of state help, this time they've said they won't be sending crews out until it's over, and when they do it will be to Western MD first where evidently they're getting snow.  At  least in the past every time you heard a truck rumble by, there was a spark of hope it was them  So, BGE purgatory is over, it's straight to hell. Damn You Obama! Damn You Democrats!


Oh My
I have no words.

This is stunning. Maryland has lost its fourth starter at QB -- three in 2 weeks.
Next game will have a true freshman linebacker, who played QB in high school, at the helm.

Including "Jennifer Calm Down"

Four Things

Minnesota Voters Reconsider '08 Vote

Oh My

UPDATED - You can't make this stuff up. 
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Juice in comments

HEE HAW Sobani

Maryland HEE-HAW

James H. "Jack" Pollack  was a Baltimore democrat kingmaker well into the 1960s.  Best known for an ability to bribe judges and get them elected, he was much admired,  I'm not kidding.  One of his favorite ploys was this. 

Let's say a Pollack democrat named  Carl Bacharach faced a strong challenge from a man named  Harry C. Jones.  Pollack would find men named Harry R. Jones, Harry T. Jones. and Harry Q. Jones and  put them  on the ballot.

This year, Senate democrat incumbent Ben Cardin faces sharp competition from Dan Bongino.  Then this summer, I mean June-July, television ads began for complete unknown "Independent," Rob Sobhani.  We're talking blanket $$$ television, which continue yet. 

My first thought was of
Jack Pollack.  He's dead,  but Maryland carries on the tradition.  Does Sobhani have a chance to win?  No.  But he will definitely dilute the Bongino vote.  Yesterday I found this in the local rag, and I reproduce it for the record.  Sobani may just be someone with more money than brains, but the whole thing stinks of Jack Pollack-tics.

Res Ipsa LoquitorOut of nowhere, Rob Sobhani, is running for U.S. Senate as an Independent, with a claim that Republicans and Democrats can’t work together.

Here’s a guy that no one knows and all of sudden TV ads and highway signs everywhere. Why is Sobhani running? Reviewing what’s available, one does not get an answer, but a lot more questions.

I learned that he has no real followers. His signature process to get on the ballot has been questioned for its validity. He says he “hit the jackpot.” He consults with oil interests in the Middle East and has written a book extolling the king of Saudi Arabia. He likes to emphasize that he was born in Kansas. I learned that he ran for Congress twice as a Republican and finished badly in each primary. He claims he will bring in $5.5 billion in investment in Maryland during his first term as senator or he won’t run again. He has spent over $4 million in about two months. Those are the facts.

So, we have a candidate who sounds like a Democrat big spender, has failed as a Republican, and who nobody knows. We have an ex-professor, self-proclaimed Middle East expert, who claims he “hit the jackpot” and who says he can bring $5.5 billion to Maryland without taxes?

Maryland voters need to connect the dots. No known political support, Middle East ties, “jackpot,” $4 million spending in two months. Is a successful businessman really spending his own money on a 1,000 to 1 chance to win? Maryland voters deserve to know what is the real purpose of Sobhani’s candidacy for Senate.


Girl Sells Virginity for Many Money

Must Eat Brains             

Res Ipsa Loquitor

This toxic culture of ours.  Worse, I found myself thinking "smart girl." Yes, I do cry for me.

More snitch requests


After four years of Obama, I pretty much have the same distrust of government as do survivors of Eastern bloc communism.  Especially requests like these, from a government with a penchant to monitor our every movement.