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Judge Jeanine: GUILTY!

 Justice with Judge Jeanine
If you haven't watched this yet, it's mandatory that you do now.  Or, it's one month latrine duty.

The media cover-up all sort of things for Dems, but after you watch you'll understand why they are absolutely desperate to keep something this high profile away from voters. 

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98% is also acceptable

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Biden-You Berk

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Dan Quayle: Misspelled Potatoe

Stuff Seen in New Jersey

Stuff Seen in New Jersey

Unfortunately, so is this (rollover)
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Attention Nobel Peace Prize Judges

A Modest Proposal
Res Ipsa Loquitor

  Under a scheme organised by the local authorities in the town of Soderhamn and by Sweden's national employment office, anyone aged between 18 and 28 can volunteer to take a "Job Journey" to Oslo and attempt track down gainful employment.

Those who sign up get a ticket to the Norwegian capital and are put up in an Oslo youth hostel for a month, with Soderhamn council picking up the £20 a night bill. The package also includes on-the-spot guidance on how to get a job in Sweden's northern neighbour. [Full]

Bingo.  I believe I am about to earn my first Nobel Peace Prize.

During the War of Southern Rebellion, Mr. Lincoln wrestled with the what to do with the slaves he had just emancipated.  He seriously considered paying Negros to move to South America.  He didn't do this in a vacuum; Frederick Douglass was in on the discussions, and adamantly opposed the plan.  What finally did it in was probably  simple arithmetic; the nation could not afford  it (this before the discovery of unlimited money printing). 

A few other plans were considered, like moving them to British colonies, but Britain squashed that talk.  It's conjecture to talk about what would have happened had the slave problem been allowed to solve itself.   I for one think we would, in the end, be way ahead of the game, race relations wise, had that course been taken.  Or if  Democrats had somehow been taken out of the equation.

So tish and tosh, you say.  What has this to do with me winning a Nobel?, although the brightest of you have already figured it out.  It's this.

We find ourselves today as fractured a nation as we were in the 1860s.  That is to say, we are not united States. Once again it's democrats who are responsible. So, taking Sweden's example, and learning from post Rebellion politics, I will propose that after Obama is thrown out of office, we do a full kit.  We pay Democrats (liberals, illegal aliens, communists, to leave the country and resettle in the middle east.  Actually, we lawfully mandate that they either take our offer of $100,000 per head, or spend the rest of their lives in a Mississippi penal colony.

My Lord, this song just started playing in my head. That's a good omen.

Kenya WY

Now it comes out

“'But I wasn’t born in Kenya the country. I was born in Kenya, Wyoming. It’s a long story dealing with my mother and Malcolm X.' The room was silent. 'Yes, I am Malcolm X’s son,' the president said. Res Ipsa Loquitor'You heard me right. My mother had a brief love affair with him in the prairies of Wyoming. She made me promise to keep it a secret and it sounded cooler anyway to say I was born to a Kenyan tribesman.' 'But you tell everyone you were born in Hawaii,' Rahm spat out. 'If it gets out that you were born in actual Kenya or Kenya fucking Wyoming, wherever the hell that is, who the fuck will trust you anymore? Not to mention the Malcolm X shit. I mean, if any of this gets out, your presidency is fucked—along with all of our careers. This is the craziest shit I’ve ever heard. Why did you go around telling people you were born in fucking Honolulu?' 'Because I was,' the president responded. 'That’s where I found Jesus. I was born again in Honolulu.'" The Lizard King

Romney leads in Chicago suburbs

That toddlin' town

Little Girl Speaks for the Nation





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This is my four year old daughter, Abigael, after hearing one too many mentions of the election.


Rev. Joseph Lowery's racist rant

Liberal Racism                          

The Gospel According To Black Racist MoFos

So where did all this come from? 

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama