Thursday, November 15, 2012


Greatest Blog Post EVER!

Michael Steele- Black Like Me

Michael Steele: ‘We Need Messengers Who Look Like Me’

"... for the color of my skin, not by the content of my  character."

The Antidote to GOP Asshats like Michael Steele
Former victim of Steele, and current antidote to himantidote to him (rollover)

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Sunday on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” that the GOP needs more diverse messengers. “We need messengers who look like me. We need messengers who are Hispanic, Asian Americans, women, a cross section of folks who represent communities across the country.”

There you have it.  The GOP's continuing problem.  Stupidity, and utter  lack of conviction.

Just Another Crappy Jersey Pol

Eight Words

Four Islamists on Gov. Christie’s Muslim Outreach Committee

Twinkies Imperiled

Stupid Obamunists                      

Hostess says liquidation decision expected Friday



Hostess Brands Inc. is warning striking employees that it will move to liquidate the company if plant operations don't return to normal levels by Thursday evening. The maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread said Thursday it will file a motion in U.S. Bankruptcy Court to shutter operations if enough workers don't return by 5 p.m. EST. That would result in the loss of about 18,000 jobs, including hundreds in Ogden. Photo: Rick Bowmer / AP

Labor unions would have us believe that they transfer income from rich capitalists to poor workers. In fact, they mostly transfer income from the large number of non-union workers to a small number of relatively well-off union workers.

ROBERT E. ANDERSON, Just Get Out of the Way

To a right-winger, unions are awful. Why do right-wingers hate unions? Because collective bargaining is the power that a worker has against the corporation. Right-wingers hate that.

JANEANE GAROFALO, Majority Report, Jun. 3, 2005

Take your pick

Oklahoma! Our Greatest State?

Our Great 25 States

Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare
Surgery center provides free-market medicine.

Three years ago, Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder and managing partner of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, took an initiative that would only be considered radical in the health care industry: He posted online a list of prices for 112 common surgical procedures. The 51-year-old Smith, a self-described libertarian, and his business partner, Dr. Steve Lantier, founded the Surgery Center 15 years ago, after they became disillusioned with the way patients were treated at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, where the two men worked as anesthesiologists. In 1997, Smith and Lantier bought the shell of a former surgical center with the aim of creating a for-profit facility that could deliver first-rate care at a fraction of what traditional hospitals charge.

The major cause of exploding U.S. heath care costs is the third-party payer system, a text-book concept in which A buys goods or services from B that are paid for by C. Because private insurance companies or the government generally pick up most of the tab for medical services, patients don't have the normal incentive to seek out value. [Full article]

Many people today would be shocked to learn that this thinking, anyway, was pretty standard in the days before Hillary Clinton began her attack on our health care system.  An attack that culminated with Obamacare.

Putting new life into dead meat

How I discovered nahcolite

In the early 1930s I was was hired by a guy named Armand Hammer* to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis.  He saddled me with an oaf named Henry Walton who later wrote a book taking all the credit for my success, but that's another story.   

During our dig (somewhere, way in  East Muhammad),  I discovered a substance I called nahcolite (the brand printed on  underwear I  purchased in Cairo)..  Tinkering with it at night, I discovered a number of properties that seemed promising, especially as a chemical leavening agent.  Walton, and not for the last time,  stabbed me in the back and told Hammer about it. Faster than you can say "Jack Benny,"  Hammer captured the market on it, marketing it as Baking Soda, He never paid me a cent.  But that's not what I wanted to tell you.

Nahcolite Discovery  When I want back to Coral Springs, Egypt (where I made that discovery) I found something shocking.  Coral Springs was nearly covered by sand, and there were but two inhabitants; a Moslem rug merchant and a twelve year old boy. 

It seems that  all the men who worked in the Arm & Hammer nahcolite mine had suddenly come down with what Achmed (the rug merchant) called "تدلى المعكرونة" (drooping noodle).  That is a condition  where the bone and muscle in the penis crumble, making it impossible to achieve what doctors call a "stiff stander." Thus, over time, the population simply died out.  It was believed that it was caused by nahcolite, but alas there was no EPA (Egyptian Penis Association) to stop the mining operation.. But that's not what I wanted to tell you.

A few weeks ago I snapped out of a sound sleep (this was 9 years after that trip back to Egypt) with a vision.  I went into the kitchen and began doodling with -er, make that experimenting with Baking Soda and meat.  I made a remarkable discovery.  If  you cover a cheap piece of meat in a mixture of water and baking soda,  and refrigerate for a few hours, the meat will become as tender as a the finest rib eye.   Just be sure and rinse it with cold water before cooking; no after taste that way.

You're welcome.

*By way of clarification, At the time I didn't know that Armand was in the employ of Joseph Stalin, and twelve guys in the Roosevelt administration.

Aside - today there is heavy mining of nahcolite in Colorado, which may explain why the state has recently become home to so many dickless liberals.

Boner's been so successful too,

Because, Doggone-It!
Sometimes they just like horror ...
Boehner Keeps Speakership

Maybe "Hokie Dopey?"

A ridiculous request of an even more ridiculous president

Obama instituted a policy where he would address all petitions posted to that received 25,000 signatures. Now this-

"We feel that in this time of despair, that President Obama should do the Hokey Pokey on national television during a special Presidential Address to the nation" Res Ipsa Loquitor

The White House removed the petition after it attracted 617 signatures.


Oh My

cuzzin ricky

Cold Case Posse

99.9 %

Res Ipsa Loquitor

In 1961, state law permitted Hawaiian parents of children born anywhere in the world to register them as Hawaiian-born, a legalized backdoor to U.S. citizenship.

Hawaii’s local newspapers filled space by printing birth announcements from the archive, including Hawaiian birth certificates of foreign-born children.

The latest  release by the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, charged with investigating Obama's trail of birth certificates, includes a sworn mathematical analysis demonstrating the near-zero probability that the White House “birth certificate” is genuine.

For those of you saying pish-posh, please read, or at least scan this relatively light 1418 word time-line summary, and then say pish posh again (and join Charles Johnson as America's biggest online blow-hard ass-hat). Our highest court  have done just that, time and time again.  The same court, now so corrupt that Obamacare was upheld by a Chief Justice out of spite of another; with no regard for the Constitution. 

A nation with lawless law is a lawless nation deserving of our current lawless government. And sooner or later lawless people who want law will respond lawlessly to the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Dibs on Axelrod.