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Overall though, being a dog is a good thing

Kaiser was fired today for sniffing his secretary's ass.
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Editorial: Recount early votes in Patrick Murphy-Allen West race
And Ms. Walker has admitted to a big error: double-counting some [ Murphy] ballots cast during early voting and ignoring others [West].

The reason I decided to include Florida as the 25th United State is the 100% certainty I have that instituting common sense voter fraud prevention (like picture ID)  would result in Democrats losing nearly every election in the state.  That includes rejecting the heavily democrst "snow-bird" vote, where New York-ilk liberals vote in two states. 

The sense here is that St. Lucie County Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker's work be minutely reexamined, and when Alan West is found to have won, she will be sentenced to a life term in the worst Florida prison, wherever that may be. 

I'd say execute her, but that would be silly.

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today's thought bubble

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Kick and scream though you will, the short answer is that we are right to believe that, as with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama makes no high level appointment, including military, unless they are part of the empowering cabal, or he has blackmail power over them.  There have been no exceptions that I can think of.