Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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“He witnessed a radical militant Islamic sect that he asserted was more violent than any religious sect in history, willing to die in jihad to ensure heaven — the Wahabis,” Humes, who wrote speeches for several Republican presidents, explained to The Daily Caller in an interview.
" Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It will be insinuated into the West by a mulato from our East Africa Protectorate, who will come with a banjo on his knee and a seven-per-cent solution up his arse. " Winston Churchill 1898

“He predicted they would inflict violence and terror on the West. His grandson, Winston Churchill II, read passages to George W. Bush in 2007, in the Oval Office. If he didn’t quite predict 9/11, he did envision the type of al-Qaida terrorist who would carry the bomb or crash into buildings.”
Author says Churchill predicted the rise of group like al-Qaida

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Author says Churchill predicted the rise of group like al-Qaida

"Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities." Churchill

UPDATE: The Left's favorite Churchill .  I supposed now he will run for the U.S. senate in Connecticut?

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How Democrats Stole the Election

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Obama lost in each and every state where voter ID laws were in place.  A poll watcher in Pennsylvania reported that up to 10% of ballots cast reverted to a default of Obama.  Voters in Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin had touch screen voting machines that recorded Obama, even after Romney was selected.  Republican poll watchers in multiple states were either turned away or not allowed to enter the precincts or thrown out once they had done so. [... .]  [Democrats Stole the Election]

If this is true, and that's for each of us to individually decide; it means that we will be ruled for the next four years, in a best-case projection, by an unconstitutional government.  What individually are you willing to do?  It's a personal question; public bravado means nothing. Come to terms with yourself.


How much would you pay for 1 hour with Sandra Fluke?