Thursday, December 06, 2012

Who will the Royal baby look like?

                      —   you berks.   

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Geezer's Tree

Justifiable Geezer Jihad

A Much Better Story

I believe Liberals know they can wage war on Christianity because unlike Moslems,  who scare the shit out of them, American Christians will docilely accept anything passed off as being "lawful."  Islamos  of course would simply call Jihad on them and cut their heads off, or so they believe.  Of course I don't suggest that Geezers should actually commit murder; and go strapping on an explosive vest and visiting their congressman.  I'm just making a point.



Rorschach Tests Failed

Rorschach Tests I Have Failed

Take 5

Take Five, Dave

Music is evocative, and Brubeck's Take Five sends me immediately back to the WOC Club at Fort Wolters.  We played this song on the juke box almost endlessly.  It's the only jazz I can think of that I ever liked  RIP Mr. Brubeck.

Canberra sauce

Today's Wild-ass Guess

I've learned to respect my inner sense of things. Here it's that the Canberra is testing technology that can see stealth aircraft.  I mean, someone has to do it.  If I'm right, I hope they don't tell Obama about it.  The less democrats know about our defense systems, the less likely they are to sell them to China, or this time to the Moslem Bros.

Wanna Take a Bath?

   At The Cinema                           

You will want to take a bath

I hadn't heard of Louis C.K. before stumbling across him on NetFlix.  After watching episode one (the pilot) of LOUIE, I was ready to tell MoSup, hey, you'll like this.  I'm glad I waited.   Not until episode 9 was there was another that would not have sent her into anabolic-like shock. 

The format is Seinfeldy, a very dirty Seinfeld, where Louie, a stand-up comedian, lays the groundwork for the forthcoming episode in his opening monologue.  Louis C.K. says whatever is on his mind, and there are some very ..ermmm... robust and untraditional things up there. Stuff that might better be left un-uttered.  Ahem.

Anyway, I watch them like I would  a train-wreck.  Episode nineteen,  "Subway/Pamela," has the most romantic love scene of all time (IMO).  Single mom Pamela has a son who goes to school with divorced Louie's two daughters; he's smitten. It's PG, and there's some interesting NYC subway drama too.  MoSup would probably (albeit secretly)  like it too.