Monday, December 10, 2012

RFK and Lobotomies

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When will he STFU?

Hell, his aunt Rosemary was a functioning genius by comparison, and her daddy had her prefrontal lobotomized so she wouldn't embarrass the family. 

Myown Prediction

  1. Mayan Calander

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  The world ends for 153,781 people every day. That's  who they were talking about. 

The Last Enemy

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Government- The Last Enemy


Res Ipsa LoquitorI started watching 'The Last Enemy' last week.  Watched the first episode,  and got as far as Matthew Good's intro to episode two, and stopped.  I mean what the hell, we're living this.  It's where we're at right now.  To put a finer point on it, listen to the episode four intro (I began watching again last night). 

As a commenter below mentions, it gets a bit slow at times. The protagonist in played by Benedict Cumberbatch,  who also plays Sherlock Holmes in SHERLOCK, which I immensely enjoy.  Here's episode one;  the other four full episodes are also available on You Tube.

Matthew Good

As an aside, Headhunters is Swedish subtitled, but so were the "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" movies.  Headhunters is equally gripping.  Trust me.

Sacking Stalin

Instant Analysis on Ravens' loss to Redskins
'God Hates Commies'

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Dare I say the nation rejoices?  I mean, the Redskins are the only good thing to come out of Washington since 1988.  Maryland's  license plate used to carry the motto "America in Miniature."  Today that would read  "Massachusetts in Miniature."  I'm not kidding; the Baltimore Sun once (I STG) rejoiced that the city and state were snapping at the heels of  the Bay State's claim as most solidly progressive in America with a K. The Ravens are testimony to that claim.

When  Baltimore was actively trying to steal Cleveland's football team in 1996, it was made clear by Brown's owner Art Modell that he would not play in Memorial Stadium.  Maryland Governor William Schaeffer said okay, we'll build you a new stadium in the Oriole's Camden Yards parking lot.  "The hell you will!" shouted voters.  "We ain't paying to build another play-pen for some rich guy with a team."  So Shaeffer had the state legislature vote on it, without notice,  in the wee hours of the morning.  Marylanders woke to the news that Obamacare was a done deal— wait, I meant the new stadium was a done deal.

Baltimore would later (1994)  invent the last minute  magical box of  Democrat votes to salvage a lost election that is now a staple of the DNC.  So too the  middle of the night session  (Christmas Eve, if necessary) to jam unwanted law down America's throat. 

There you have it then. The 'Skin's improbable defeat of the Ravens is on par with 1980's Miracle On Ice, when we beat that other ratbastard commie team.