Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eucalyptus Leaves


say what?
Grab a new ROLL


Anonymous said...

In the news:

Roe v. Wade Turns 40...

Progeny still not turning anything!

TrueBlueSam said...

Pawpaw leaves = Charmin of the Woods.

DougM said...

… but you gotta remember which leaves you used to poop with before grabbing one to wipe your face, Bear.

K-nine said...

Actually, anonymous, the roe v wade baby was born in the midst of the deliberations on that.
The mother had since changed her opinion and is anti abortion.

Jess said...

No, Mr. Koala, that's not refried beans.

Anonymous said...

Did that involve any down under thunder?

Anonymous said...

Gack. Aussies have become such wussies. Spent this summer there.
Started a powerpoint preso with a green laser pointer as a hiliter. Told to put that dangerous offensive weapon away.
Offered my Kershaw folder to a friend struggling to open a taped box with a car key. Told to take that thing back to the hotel and hide it or be arrested.
Found a good $3 cigar for only $35. Told if I lit it anywhere on the streets of Perth I'd be arrested and fined.
Nope, Mad Max and Crocodile Dundee don't live there anymore.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Australian kiss. It's like a french kiss, but down under!

DonM said...

Ther was a toilet back by the tree?

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